Q: How long have Kitchen Cowboys been part of the Bay Harbour Market family?

A: Since about 4 months after it opened, in Jan/Feb of 2012.


Q: Which dish of yours do you find people can’t seem to get enough of?

A: I think if we were ever to take our Aged Chalmar Sirloin Sandwich off of our menu people would storm the stand!


Q: What do you enjoy most about Bay Harbour Market?

A: There’s a very warm atmosphere and a little bit of everything for everyone. I’m also a big fan of local music and Bay Harbour Market is an ardent supporter and promoter of local musos.


Q: Are there any moments or memories that particularly stand out for you during your time at the market?

A: Most Friday nights but specifically, Ard Matthews’ unplugged gig has got to be my most memorable.

Q: What exactly is a “Kitchen Cowboy”?

A: Kitchen Cowboys are outlaws in the true sense of the definitions – we exist outside of the law. We are the new pioneers, the new urban warriors. To quote Tom Robbins, author of Still Life with Woodpecker, from where the inspiration came “When war turns whole populations into sleepwalkers, outlaws don’t join forces with alarm clocks. Outlaws, like poets, rearrange the nightmare.”


Q: You recently released your third book titled “A Life Digested”. If you had to sum it up in one sentence, what would it be?

A: An anecdotal autobiography on my food journey thus far.


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