Ever wondered why you are too exhausted to enjoy the weekend- after a long and busy work week? Well, one reason could be that you are spending less time relaxing in the week, as you are constantly on the move.


For many moms and dads, it is extremely difficult to fit everything into one day – from school drop offs and pickups to finishing all that is needed from you at work with tons of emails continuously streaming in or back to back meetings, then coming home to cook and feed the animals and even bath the kids and do homework, right before you can eventually tend to yourself.


It is time to calm down, and what better time, than in winter, when you are expected to slave over the stove to create a hearty soup or curry that takes hours to prepare.


Well there is an answer to help you with dinner and allow you more time in the day, which is both nutritious and convenient. If you haven’t heard of it yet, then visit www.mychef.co.za.


My Chef is an online shopping website where you are able to order readymade “take out” that is created in conjunction with a registered Dietician and then delivered to your door on either a Tuesday or a Friday.


Here are a few reasons why you should stop cooking this season and order My Chef:

  1. Take away outlets are becoming more and more expensive, especially for bigger families and My Chef offers affordable meals for the whole family.
  2. Takeaways are generally unhealthy and not nutritious enough to provide a balanced meal. My Chef provides wholesome meals and even offer calorie conscious meals which is perfect for those watching their weight
  3. My Chef is convenient as all you need is an internet connection and you are set to select from a range of meals to be ordered for delivery.
  4. My Chef caters for children, providing balanced and tasty meals and it takes only a few minutes to heat and serve, so the kids don’t have to wait for a warm plate of food on a cold winter’s night
  5. My Chef meals take only a few minutes to prepare and provide the option of microwave heating or oven baking, assemble and cook and serve kits for those with a little more time, as well as lunch made easy and dessert treats
  6. My Chef even go as far as providing mealtime basics such as bread and milk, wraps and even health rolls.
  7. With winter brings the cravings of hearty food and sweet desserts and My Chef offers all of this and more, so that you can enjoy the little pleasures in life, without having to do much “kitchen time”.
  8. The best feature about My Chef is that they deliver to your home and will even pack your fridge if you ask. You don’t need to even stand in a line or leave your house when you have My Chef.


Visit www.mychef.co.za to view our menu’s, for the upcoming delivery days and get your time back to do the things you want to do this winter.

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