Serves 4


For the white sauce:

2tbsp butter (40g)

2tbsp flour

200ml milk

Pinch salt


For the bread:

80g Emmental cheese (sliced)

4 slices ham

8 slices Sasko Low GI Oats & Honey Flavour Bread

2tbsp Dijon/good quality mustard



Step 1: Preheat the grill to medium on your oven.

Step 2: Put the butter into a small saucepan on medium heat and, once melted, add the flour.

Step 3: Stir to combine and fry for 1 minute before adding the milk and a pinch of salt.

Step 4: Simmer, stirring continuously to avoid lumps forming, for about 5 minutes until you have a thick and velvety white sauce.

Step 5: Toast the bread and spread each slice with a little mustard.

Step 6: Place 4 slices of the toasted bread onto a baking tray (mustard side up) and top with a slice of ham and slices of cheese.

Step 7: Place under the grill until the cheese has just melted, then take them out of the oven.

Step 8: Place the remaining slices of toast on top of the melted cheese and pour over equal amounts of white sauce.

Step 9: Place back under the grill until the white sauce begins to bubble and brown dots form.

Step 10: Serve immediately.


Variation: Add a fried egg for a “Croque Madame”

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