Schweppes – still mixing with the royals

  • New Molecular Cocktail to be made in the “Art of Whisky Cocktail Making Zone”
  • Art of Whisky Cocktail Making Zone

Schweppes continues to build its legacy as one of the proud sponsors of the annual FNB Whisky Live Festival. Since 1783, Schweppes has constantly evolved, ensuring that they are always mixing in the right circles.

The Schweppes “Art of Whisky Cocktail Making Zone” and the Thirst Cocktail Bars at the FNB Whisky Live Festival allows consumers to engage in the brands functional application as the perfect adult mixer and encourages people to take their learning’s home.

“Schweppes adds both a historical and modern twist to the FNB Whisky Live Festival,” comments, Hlukani Rikhotso, Brand Manager Schweppes.  “We have refreshed the ever popular Schweppes Art of Whisky Cocktail Making Zone this year which will show the unique diversity of the Schweppes brand offering” she added.


The popular beverage mixers continue to maintain their superior and royal stance. Even though the idea of royalty has evolved somewhat over the years, Schweppes has continued engaging and remaining relevant within the most stylish circles- the new royals of today!

Being present at the largest, liveliest whisky and lifestyle event in South Africa gives Schweppes the opportunity to express its diversity amongst its variants. The festival offers over eighty types of whiskies to taste, allowing Schweppes to be mixed in so many ways with each of them.  Schweppes appeals to the palate of every whisky drinker – adding a dash of sparkle and excitement to every whisky tasting experience.

There are various easy cocktail menus that have been created – specifically for the Schweppes “Art of Whisky Cocktail Making Zone”. Find out how to make delicious molecular cocktails and what combinations are best suited, to even the most distinct taste buds.

With options such as House of Windsor which uses Schweppes Tonic Water, Crown Jewels which uses Schweppes Lemonade, Blue Blood using Schweppes Soda Water and The Jubilee, using Schweppes Ginger Ale, consumers are sure to find their favourite blend.

Join Schweppes at the FNB Whisky Live Festival for a fun-filled, sophisticated and royal absolutely experience. Become a part of the Schweppes legacy.

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