Currently one of the leading brands within the Adcock Ingram OTC portfolio, Vita-thion® has announced  enhancements to the brand – including refreshed, premium-feel range packaging, alongside the launch of new convenient effervescent Vita-thion® tablets with Ginseng. A popular household choice, Vita-thion® granule sachets contribute to the bulk of brand sales, with a growing opportunity for uptake of an effervescent tablet format.


Recommended for when your body needs lasting energy, with the additional benefits of antioxidants which assists in keeping cells healthy, Vita-thion® Effervescent tablets are your alternative to the granule sachets and Fizzy tablets, as they contain ATP, Ginseng and vitamins B1 and C to keep you going throughout your day.


ATP4 (adenosine triphosphate) is the molecule which stores energy temporarily and then releases it into the body when needed and Ginseng5 a well-known active ingredient that helps to reduce fatigue and increase capacity for work and concentration. 


Vita-thion® Effervescent tablets boast benefits including maintenance of energy, keeping cells healthy, reducing fatigue and weakness, increasing the capacity for work and concentration, as well as enhancing your natural resistance and recuperative powers.  The vitamin C in the formulation acts as an antioxidant and helps maintain healthy gums, skin and connective tissue while all the various vitamin B’s help in the conversion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates into energy, keep the nerves functioning well and help build red blood cells.  An added benefit is that they do not contain sugar. 


The Vita-thion® Fizzy, Granules sachets and Vita-thion Effervescent tablet ingredients, formats and formulations ensure that body and mind are vitalized, every day. Thanks to sustained natural energy source ATP, Vita-thion is also suitable for children (Vita-thion granules from 2 years old, Vita-thion Fizzy tablet from 5 years old, Vita-thion effervescent tablet from 10 years old), adults and active sport loving individuals as well as convalescent and post-operative patients.


According to Adcock Ingram, the new Vita-thion Fizzy effervescent tablet enables the team to increase brand value for consumers and offers the market a convenient selection of formats to suit consumer consumption preference.


Vita-thion® range of products, including the new Vita-thion® Fizzy are available at leading pharmacies such as Dis-chem and Clicks, Independent pharmacies and leading supermarkets. Vita-thion products retail price ranges from store to store, you may visit a pharmacy or supermarket near you for prices or even better check out online shopping from pharmacies and supermarkets that offer this option.

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