Starting a running program is the ideal way to lose weight and shape up.


As an avid runner myself, as well as a Fitness Coach and triathlete, I know the benefits running can have for a person, both physically as well as mentally.


If you are just starting out as a runner or it is just something you would like to do in the future, no doubt you have a few questions, namely how to get started.


The most important advice I can give is to start off slowly. Too many people shoot for the stars and end up injured. Use a gentle build up plan. Start with the 1 minute walk, 1 minute run routine for a week. Every week add 1 minute to your running time, or 2 minutes if you are feeling strong, until you can run a full 30 minutes without too much huffing and puffing.


Some discomfort is normal as you increase your distance of running but if you are in real pain where you have to limp to move forward then stop immediately and rest for a few days.


The most important investment you can make and one that will minimise the chances of injury is a good pair of running shoes. Do not opt for cross trainers, walking shoes or tennis shoes. Get professional advice as to which running shoes to go for based on ability, goals, and most importantly your foot type. Go for a gait analysis to find out your running style.

About The Author

Nicol Muller

Born and raised in Cape Town. As a child I was always influenced positively by my father to be active, from sports in school to attending gym. This grew on me throughout my life and I took an interest in running from the age of 10. Competing in my first 10km at the age of 16 , I was hooked on fitness. Not only for the benefits of what it did to my body, but for how it made me feel, my body, mind and soul felt alive! After school I went to the UK where I studied to become a Personal Trainer, living out my passion was a must for me. I returned to South Africa in 2011 after 4 years in the UK. I began working as a Personal Trainer within 2 weeks of landing. Fitness is more than about just looking good, it’s about feeling good. My aim is to instil this view into all my clients’ minds. If I can achieve this I believe I have achieved what I sought out to. I am a fun loving individual who believes that life is what you make of it. I am self-motivated and believe that I am a great motivator for others as well.

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