African summers can be harsh. In South Africa over the past five years, we’ve reached record-breaking temperatures and levels of UV exposure. And as temperatures rise, so too do tempers. When the mercury is low we hanker for languid summer days, with visions of clinking cocktails and bronzed bodies. The reality, however, is that hot weather translates into heightened crankiness, increased anger and in fact, a recorded rise in violence.

Even the little things become more difficult to manage. Fresh fruit reaches its sell-by-date before you’ve blinked. Fresh flowers don’t last more than a day or two, and your newly purchased couch begins to weather and fade in the harsh summer rays. Now we aren’t saying you should pack up and move to Reykjavík, but you may want to reconsider your home’s window treatments to better manage thetemperature of your home, and protect its contents.

“Whether you want to preserve your furniture,  soften the harsh afternoon sunlight, keep your home cooler, or simply have a beautiful window treatment to match your interior décor – your needs are ultimately going to refine your search and take you one step closer to finding the ideal window covering,” says Anthony Mederer, Managing Director of Taylor Blinds & Shutters.

He recommends blinds as a way to meet all these needs. “More than just a shield for light and a solution for privacy – blinds are also a stylish way to block out both heat and UV rays that can cause furnishings to fade and deteriorate over time. “Best of all they are available in different light filtering levels and a variety of styles to suit every setting.”

Mederer elaborates on the various blinds and their light filtering levels available from the Taylor stable.

Light Filtering Blinds

Light Filtering Blinds let the maximum amount of light in, while blocking the majority of UV rays that accompany sunlight. This range is ideal for kitchens or lounges overlooking the ocean or with views of the countryside since they offer heat reduction and allow you to still enjoy your beautiful view.

Screen Blinds

Taylor’s Screen Blinds are slightly more opaque, offering more protection from the heat and harmful UV rays than the Light Filtering range whilst still allowing in natural light. Their unique, industrial look make them ideal for covering large windows and adding a professional feel to your office or clean modern look to your home.

Dim Out Blinds

Dim Out Blinds are perfect for people who prefer a little extra privacy. This range is great for glare reduction and stops harmful UV rays from entering the room. Taylor offers two beautiful designs which are great for city living where you need privacy.

Block Out Blinds

Block Out Blinds are designed to eliminate the light completely, making them perfect for a bedroom, boardroom or nursery. They are particularly beneficial for those who battle to sleep as they help create an environment that normalises melatonin levels with exposure to the right light spectrum and amount of UV.

All of Taylor’s blinds come with a child safety cord or can be motorised to make life that much easier.

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