Oncologists in Johannesburg and Cape Town were introduced to a potential new weapon in their patients’ arsenal – the Cancer Dojo app – on 2 and 6 November 2018 respectively.  Combining creativity, technology and medicine, the app empowers patients to play an active role in their cancer recovery. By helping patients to boost their own immune systems and augment the effects of their treatments through the use of creative techniques, tasks and fun challenges, this enables a more positive cancer outcome.

Created by international award-winning Creative Director, Conn Bertish, the app teaches cancer patients how to actively engage with their treatments, stay motivated, generate their own meditations, learn to visualise, be more mindful, eat better, live better, laugh more and become happier and healthier.

The app’s creation was born out of Bertish’s own battle with a severe and extremely rare form of brain cancer (Medulloblastoma) which he overcame in 2013. He immersed himself in his recovery, using pens, pencils, paint and sticks of chalk, together with his experience in creative thinking and storytelling. The world became his cancer-beating playground – an upbeat, visually engaging canvas that helped him augment his treatments, his resilience and immune system, which ultimately played a significant role in increasing his chance of survival.

Bertish has since been urged by doctors, oncologists, neurologists and professors of science to share this playful approach with the world. The result is Cancer Dojo.

Former head of Western Cape Government’s Department of Health, Dr Tom Sutcliffe, says: “At last, a brilliant app that helps a lay person understand and thoroughly engage with his or her cancer on a creative, self-healing path.”

Top South African integrative medicine specialist and Director of Medicine at The Malachite Cancer Centre, Dr James Laporta, adds, “This is an evolution in healthcare – the Cancer Dojo app is exactly what the world needs right now – a modern-day solution to helping millions.”

Now, Cancer Dojo is leading its route-to-market strategy with buy-in from even more oncologists whose patients are able to benefit from this tool.

The app, which launched on 1 November 2018 features 16 levels of positive behaviour-changing methodology, over 1,000 unique screens, videos, gifs and voice notes, together with more than 400 images, thought starters and tasks.

Bertish’s own oncologist, Dr Garth Davids, shares, “A vital step in any cancer journey is to be empowered to face its many challenges.”

For more information, or to download the app, visit https://cancerdojo.com. It is also available on the AppStore and Google Play.

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