Chances are, at some point, somebody’s told you to put on a jacket before heading into the cold winter air so you don’t end up catching flu. Thing is, contrary to popular belief, being cold won’t ensure you catch one. Both afflictions, flus and colds, are only ever caused by one thing and that’s a virus.

Still, winter is the season you’re most likely to get sick because viruses remain more stable in cold, dry air. For this reason, offices that use air conditioning are also the perfect environment for a would-be invading virus. Fortunately, having a strong immune system is one way to beat them and this is something you can boost with good nutrition. However, if you aren’t eating a healthy diet or don’t have a well-balanced gut, you might find it difficult to get and absorb everything you need and this is where intravenous or IV infusion therapy can help you out.

Go direct!

IV infusion therapy is a great way to get immune-boosting nutrients, in the right amounts, delivered direct in a way that bypasses your digestive system to ensure you benefit from maximum absorption. Both Skin Renewal and Health Renewal have a host of IV infusion treatments for you to pick from but the most popular come flu season is the Super Immune Support (SIS) cocktail.

Also known as The Meyer’s Cocktail, so named after the doctor who pioneered it, the SIS cocktail is formulated with potent antivirals and immune-boosters like vitamin C, a vitamin B complex, calcium, magnesium and glutathione. Just one or two infusions taken at the first sign of a cold or flu can reduce them as well as shorten the period for which you’ll be under the weather.

But that’s not all

The SIS cocktail isn’t just a great flu-fighter. It can also help prevent inflammation, treat low blood calcium, promote strong hair and nails, improve memory function and assist in times of stress. (Pop stars Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are all fans as it helps them remain fighting fit for their gruelling concert schedules.)

Clearly a great multitasker, the SIS cocktail is one of many IV infusions administered at The Renewal Institute. They also offer those that can help detoxify, take care of your heart and even give your skin a healthy glow. Still, it’s important that you always consult with one of the Renewal Institute’s doctors first. They can ensure you’re a candidate and help suggest the cocktail that would be best suited to your needs. There’s no guessing either thanks to baseline blood tests used to find out exactly what you’re lacking.

In the same way that you can’t eat just one healthy meal a week and expect results, you’ll need multiple infusions to truly benefit. Most of them require at least 10 sessions – one per week – but you can turn it into a pamper session by booking an add on treatment like a mini massage or a mani or pedi. Looking after your health this winter never sounded so good!

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