Dandelion….the little yellow flower that eventually changes into that little white “fairy dust” that blows in the wind and eventually disappears….Yes, this well-know garden weed that grows everywhere is in actual fact not only edible but filled with amazing medicinal powers! Delicious in salads, or dried for use as an herbal tea, the common Dandelion is filled with health and nourishment and is known to be an excellent source for detoxifying!

Could this plant really be so powerful that it can help us to flush out toxins from our system?  Once again, yes it most definitely can! Dandelion is a natural diuretic, which means it helps to remove excess water and toxins from the body, by increasing the amount of urine the body makes.  Dandelion Leaf protects our amazing liver from damage. It helps with bile excretion from the liver so the body is better able to get rid of harmful toxins.  Dandelion Leaf is also an excellent blood cleanser, aids in digestion and helps to keep our blood sugar levels stable!  Another very interesting fact is that Inulin (a type of sugar found in the Dandelion Leaf), helps to promote the growth of good bacteria!  All the while protecting the liver since it no longer has to work as hard to remove toxins from our bodies!

Apart from its nourishing and protective effect on the liver, its ability to stimulate urinary function and flush out toxins, cleanse the blood, stimulate and balance bile production and promote healthy digestion, Dandelion Leaf is rich in vitamins, minerals (such as calcium, zinc and iron to name a few) and antioxidants!

It is not only the leaf of the Dandelion that is used for its healing and medicinal properties, but also the Root and the Flower!  The roots have been used to make a similar drink to coffee and the flower to make wines!

If you would like to use Dandelion to detox, the tincture (which you can also make yourself), is probably best, along with Burdock and Cleavers. I like to hang my Dandelion upside down in my kitchen and use the dried leaf for a nice cup of tea!  Or I simply eat it raw in salads with my own home-made salad dressing. Mmmmm Delicious Dandelion…..

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