The internet and just about every print magazine abounds with info on grooming. There are tips and tricks all over the place telling you how to be the best physical version of yourself. We live in an age of vanity. There are countless articles telling guys what girls like in their man and then there are the “what guys like” articles too. To be fair, there are no physically perfect people. We all go through days when we simply don’t feel like shaving our legs and waxing our eyebrows. And that’s okay. Well at least it should be. And if your significant other, or potential future significant other, cannot handle you in a less than perfect state then should they really be handling you at all?


Reaching extremes in any kind of personal grooming can have bad consequences. While enhancing your appearance is key, taking it too far can have disastrous results. For instance, many caucasian men have taken to using self-tanning products but some look like they’ve walked off the stage of a fitness competition. In real life and in the glaring rays of the sun, these men simply look orange (Oompa Loompa orange). Similarly, men are making sure their face and lips are moisturised and smooth but some are walking around with glossy lips and dewy skin. This does look very odd, to anyone. Some men have taken to having such rigorous beauty routines that they’ve actually lost their partners because no one can keep up with them.


The topic of male grooming is extremely debatable and there are lots of different opinions on the subject. But, there are some fierce dos and don’ts that are well worth bearing in mind and adhering to.


Do take care of your skin

It is important to take care of your skin. Man or woman, you must take care of your skin by exfoliating and moisturising sufficiently. The older you get the more you will require a skincare regime. Make use of products that will deeply moisturise your skin and keep you looking fresh. Also, make sure to protect your skin from the sun. Find a moisturiser that has a sun protection factor (SPF) or make use of sunscreen in your daily skincare routine. Use a SPF 50 for your face and, at the very least, a SPF 15 for the rest of your body. A good moisturiser for the face and one for the body, is a male grooming must-have.


Do make use of a high-quality aftershave

Shaving makes the skin on your face very sensitive. You should make use of a high-quality aftershave that will soothe irritation, reduce inflammation and mitigate against awful ingrown hairs. The key ingredient to look out for is salicylic acid – you want this to be in the aftershave you use because it assists with the prevention of irritated skin.


Do keep your nails tidy

You don’t have to go for a men’s mani and pedi but you would do well to invest in a nail buffer, some sharp nail scissors and clippers, and hand cream. Once a week, pay your nails some attention. This includes your feet too. Clean them, buff the nail beds, sort out your cuticles, cut them and moisturise. Nicely kept hands and feet are always a non-negotiable.


Do attend to your hair

All your hair needs to be properly managed. This means regular hair cuts so you look neat and tidy. If you have a beard, then ensure your barber will see to it that your facial hair is also neatly groomed. A proper barber shop will offer this type of treatment and more. If you have nose hairs that curl out of your nostrils, have them waxed or professionally trimmed and the same goes for your ear hair. And, of course, any other body hair that you find uncomfortable or that makes you feel less than the best version of yourself, get rid of. For an excellent result that will reduce the possibility of ingrown hairs opt for a depilatory cream that can be used in hard to reach or intimate areas.


You could say men’s grooming has come a long way or you might say that men’s grooming has become more complicated. No matter your opinion, men are expected to take better care of themselves than before. But, as per usual, some take it too far and some don’t care at all. However, practising excellent grooming has an impact on far more than your love life. Men, nowadays, are judged on their appearance just as harshly as women.

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