Believe the unbelievable

Colour is energy and energy is life. Imagine a world without colour? Shut your eyes and try to imagine not having colour to entertain your senses. No beautiful rainbows, no delicate pink roses, no blazing orange sunrises, no windswept beige dunes, no raging blue waters to refresh and revitalise your ravenous soul.

I love this time of year when spring heralds fresh beginnings with little explosions of colour. It is as if the potential of everything is bursting at its seams. Now is the time to create, invent and explore. Now is the time to see way further than our self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. Now is the time to explore our fullest potential. We need to believe in miracles, the unachieved, the unvisited and the unexplored.

Remember every inventor who has walked this Earth made manifest something that was previously regarded as impossible or inconceivable.

Without the belief in the impossible, without the thought of mystery and of magic we would have nothing new. We need to be dreamers and we need to encourage those who dare to expect the miraculous, because it is from absence of all life forms, in the darkness, that all life had its gestation.

Close your eyes and imagine. Imagine magnificent colours. Try and imagine colours that you haven’t seen or perceived yet. Imagine! Try and see the unseen. We are so good at referencing everything we experience to some past experience. We need to become explorers of the impossible and believers in the unbelievable and imaginers of realms and science and chemistry that hasn’t yet been made manifest.


I remember my late mother-in-law telling me once that all invention is born out of boredom. Why do you think Earth goes into hibernation during the winter months? It is so that She can dream a new dream, so She can brew a new concoction. Isn’t nature miraculous?

Visualise the psychedelic, the bold and the powerful. Use the full extent of your creative genius. Step into the spaces that you haven’t yet dared to. Venture outside your contained and pre-explored old cave of complacency. Be courageous in knowing that it is all out there and just open your heart and arms to receive. Just let it flow into you.

Believe and invite the magic into your life!

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