Ideas for sneaking in the 5-a-day

  • For breakfast, add a spoonful of raisins in your child’s breakfast cereal, or cut up a banana into his/hers porridge.
  • Cut up seasonal fruit, and place it in an area where your children will move around a lot. They will snack on the brightly coloured fruit and get in their 5-a-day without realizing it.
  • Make a breakfast smoothie that will surely kick start their day: Pour some yoghurt, 1 fruit and a bit of milk in a blender. Blend until smooth. Add a Weet-bix for extra fibre.
  • For healthy snacks between meals, try slices of apple with a peanut butter dip, or Banana bread with extra carrot grated into the batter.
  • Let your children help you to make their own frozen yoghurts. All you need is Yogi-sip, suitable containers for freezing and ice-cream sticks. Place the Yogi-sip in the container and place in the freezer for about an hour. Push in the ice-cream sticks and freeze for another hour. Remove from the containers, and voila-lovely frozen yoghurt!
  • With all the braai’s we have during the holidays it is hard to incorporate vegetables. Place a crudités platter (cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, raw mushrooms, sweet pepper sticks, rosa tomatoes etc.) out before dinner with your child’s favourite dip, and encourage snacking!
  • Make a healthy pizza with lots of vegetables toppings and top with a bit of grated cheese.

There are many cook books out there with wonderful ideas to sneak in fruit and vegetables into your child’s diet. My personal favourite is Deceptively Delicious-simple secrets to get your kids eating good food by Jessica Seinfled. She is the queen of deception when it comes to children and veggies!

Be good to yourself and your kids this Christmas holidays, and make sure you all get in your 5-a-day, it will surely keep the doctor away!


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