For a while now many women have chosen to stop wearing makeup altogether. At the same time, treatments to enhance their natural look have gained in popularity. There are a lot of women investing in eyelash extensions, going for skin treatments to gain a natural glow, and using premium products to enhance their natural beauty. In fact, there’s a recent trend that celebrates freckles and you can find products that will give you fake freckles if you enjoy that look. So the modern woman is encouraged to discard Kim Kardashian’s contouring techniques and embrace her natural beauty as opposed to caking on makeup.

But going makeup free is a bold move. It can make you feel vulnerable and naked. But once you’ve settled into the routine of being bare-faced, you’ll probably begin to feel liberated. Some women have even found that they feel more beautiful and even sexy being bare-faced. However, if you love makeup then you should feel no pressure to give it up. So many women find makeup fun, something they really enjoy, and you might even say it’s an artistic outlet.

So no matter whether you find applying your makeup a tiresome activity or whether you absolutely love it and are always purchasing new products to play with, everyone should give their skin a break and go bare. Going barefaced for a week or even a long weekend every month is so good for your face and skin. Here’s why you should consider it.


Makeup is not a natural thing

Many makeup products are made of ingredients that are not natural and actually rather toxic. The products are not put through the rigorous testing as food products. And the ingredients involved in the making of these products are absorbed into your system through your skin. However, premium manufacturers of makeup products have done safety tests and you’re not in grave danger. But you’re also not doing your skin or system any good by making use of makeup products every day of your life for years on end.


Also, you’re not doing your skin any favours

Whether you have a porcelain complexion or whether you suffer from problematic skin, makeup will inevitably block your pores, make them expand and possibly cause a breakout. This is why it’s so important to wash the makeup off every night before bed. So by giving yourself a break from makeup for a few days, you’re giving your skin some time to heal and relax. You’re literally allowing your skin to breathe easier free from any toxic materials.

Be sure that during this makeup free time you treat your skin with utmost care. If you suffer from pimples and blemishes then treat your skin to a thorough cleanse during this time. If you have rough or flaky patches then invest in a high-quality dry skin treatment to use specifically during this break. Similarly, if you suffer oily skin then find a suitable treatment to address your particular issues.


You’ll realise how much makeup doesn’t matter

You see, when we are wearing makeup we feel like we’re hiding all our flaws. But those flaws are truly not as horrible as we imagine. When you go makeup free you learn exactly how little these flaws matter to everyone else. And by realising this will help you learn to not care about these little flaws too.

Going barefaced for a while is one of the best exercises to do to learn self-acceptance and hopefully, eventually absolute self-love. You see no one loves a pimple obviously. But the scars, sun spots, dark spots and so on will slowly become unique to you. You won’t be embarrassed by them anymore but rather embrace them as the features that make you different.


You’ll realise how much time you spend on vanity

After a week of going barefaced, you’ll learn quickly how much time you spend on makeup every day. And this could be a deciding factor on whether you really need to wear makeup or not. Because no matter whether you spend 20 minutes or over an hour on doing your face each day, claiming that time back could change your life. You might be able to sleep a little more each morning. You will be free to run out the door without a second thought about what you look like and this could see you saying “yes” to more invites than before.


What’s more, you’ll end up saving money. You won’t have to replace your makeup products as often and you’ll end up using less of your facial cleansers and treatments. The money you save by taking a week off from makeup could be used on a luxurious spa facial or whatever treat will tickle your fancy.

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