On the 19th October 2007 woke up to shocking news that musician Lucky Dube was killed in a highjack incident. It was unbelievable, I clearly recalled in 1990 when Prisoner was the hottest 31st of December song on then Radio Zulu; the most popular radio top 20 Cyril Bongani “Kansas City” Mchunu’s show (ziyofa izinsizwa kusale izibongo!). We partied the night away singing that song into the New Year. I couldn’t believe Mr. Dube is gone.

The mind boggling thing about his death is the sudden surge of his music on circulation on radio and TV. When last did you see a Lucky Dube music video or heard his music on your favourite radio show? I bet you his record sales also sky rocketed after the news of his death. What bothers me is why wait until the artist’s death to flock to music stores to buy his music? Some might argue that it is to honor the musician but I beg to differ.

Shouldn’t we honor our musicians when they are alive and able to use the money they make on their music to produce better sounds, hire more experienced producers, and get an autographed copy of the cd which might be worth much more and hire or build state of the art studios? I applaud initiatives like Vuka Sizwe beneficial concert held recently to raise funds to aid Mama Busi Mhlongo for her medical bills. The only snag is people who want complimentary tickets! Oh please, it’s a fund raising concert for heavens sake. Some people would rather spend hours hassling organizers for freebies, drive around all over Joburg tracking down free tickets, wasting petrol & cellphone airtime then go buy a ticket at box office.

Its initiative like Vuka Sizwe beneficial concert that makes be proud to be South African. We may not have Oprah’s wallet to host a Legends Ball like she did but our own people banded together and contributed to a worthy cause; not forgetting DJ Sbu who also had a similar drive on his breakfast show to ask musicians to contribute financially towards the medical bills.

I humbly ask you fellow South African to make it your resolution to:
1. Buy at least one cd by a South African musician (there’s plenty good music out there no excuse)
2. Buy a ticket to their show be it a jazz fest, music concert etc (please stop hassling organizers or sponsors for freebies)
3. Buy an original DVD (stop asking your friend to write on for you, its illegal you know)

I’m off to music store, my cd collection needs updating.

Lala ngoxolo Maqhama, Mafukuzela, Khushwayo, Nsizwakele, Shozi

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