Top tips on setting realistic fitness goals for the new year


Each new year brings new fitness trends and, for most of us, a series of resolutions that don’t quite make it past February. Fitness expert, coach and TomTom ambassador, Megan Mackenzie, says there’s more merit in turning goal-setting into a daily habit, instead of aiming to conquer massive, unrealistic resolutions right off the bat. 


As part of its #GetGoing campaign to encourage people to get up and active, TomTom, a global leader in fitness tracking and performance devices, shares Megan’s advice on how make 2017 your year of good health and fitness. 


1. Set goals, not resolutions – While resolutions are well-intentioned and certainly a step in the right direction, the chances of reaching their targets are fairly low – a 2017 study found that just 9.2% of people surveyed felt that they were successful in achieving their resolution. The key, says Megan, is to set mini, achievable goals instead.  


“You’re far more likely to stick to a goal if you set smaller, realistic goals along the way,” says Megan. “Remember that our perspectives and needs are constantly evolving, so it’s important to properly assess your current level of fitness and your lifestyle before trying to move mountains.” 


2. Recruit a fitness buddy – It can be challenging to stay on track with a fitness routine, especially when you’re doing it alone. Having a reliable support system is a great way to help you stick to your fitness goals year-round, and will keep workouts fresh and interesting.


Megan recommends finding a coach, trainer or even a family member or friend to keep you motivated. “As soon as you’re in the habit of sticking to the routine, it will become easier to hold yourself accountable, but it’s a good idea to have someone to turn to for support at the beginning.”


3. Put your fitness device to good use – Wearables have taken the fitness industry by storm and are a great tool to help you keep track of your performance or any areas you might want to improve. “I believe they’re doing wonders to make people more aware of their level of activity – many of my fitness enthusiast friends turn to their devices to track their fitness activity and set goals,” says Megan.


The TomTom Touch fitness tracker is a great device for people who are working towards specific goals, providing the user with detailed body composition information as well as round-the-clock activity tracking.


4. Try something new – From bodyweight training to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and CrossFit, there’s always a new fitness trend you can try to help you achieve the results you’re after. It’s also important to add variety to a weekly fitness plan to avoid getting bored and ultimately giving up.


“Strength training has also become quite a popular form of exercise for many people – the workouts, classes and theories are fresh and exciting, not to mention strength training is widely coming to be considered an important part of every athlete’s training programme.”


Make 2017 a year for fitness and good health and #GetGoing with these top tips from TomTom and official TomTom ambassador, Megan Mackenzie. You can also download the TomTom MySports mobile app for Android and iOS, for on-the-go access to fitness activity history and personal performance insights.


“I often worry that I’m over-training or perhaps not doing enough, and the MySports app assists me in planning ahead to avoid running into any fitness challenges,” says Megan. “I use the TomTom MySports app to track my progress and performance, and make sure that I’m always on the right track with my training.” 


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