You’re in full on adulting mode but can’t seem to sleep at night. Have some stress on your mind, do you? Then it’s time to sort your life out. Use your night hours for rest and rejuvenation to carry you through the next set of 24 hours, not for unnecessary stress. Yes, most of your stress can be deemed “unnecessary” if you take hold of these few things.



From primary school through to high school, you were always told to set goals. Well done to teachers for drilling this into you as a child but boo-hoo for you who has completely left that principle in your student days.

Set yourself goals in life. It will give your life direction so that you can stop having those pity parties every night before bed about “I don’t know what to do with my life”. Reality is, you’re already “doing” life. It’s time to start acknowledging that fact and soon you’ll find that you have no more excuses and you’ve just been plain lazy.

You can literally set goals for every area of your life (not an exaggeration, just over-achiever kind of stuff) and they will help sort your life out. Financial, family, business, travel, spiritual, health, influencer and experiences goals are just a few examples of where in your life you can set goals.

Track the progress of your larger goals to keep you motivated and keep a red pen handy for when you get to tick any of your goals off your list.



Yearly, monthly, weekly and daily planners are out there in the world just to give off an impression of being organised. It’s all there to keep your head on your shoulders and remember dates for you. Why lie awake on a Sunday night stressing about keeping tabs on what’s happening in the upcoming week, when you can write it all down and carry it with you? There’s no excuse to leave it behind either, you have a phone which means you have a calendar and can even download a scheduling app to do everything for you.  

Take time out of the weekend to organise a schedule for the week ahead and make sure you prioritise events appropriately. Don’t miss out on the tasks that are of personal value to you because you were caught up in your more urgent tasks. Schedule time for everything everyday if you need to and eventually it will become a habit and form part of your natural routine.



Most of the time you can deal with setting goals and sticking to a schedule, but your list of responsibilities is what’s really stressing you out. Whether you have dependants (your cat included), pay monthly bills, drive a car, get sick, maintain relationships or show up to work, these are all your responsibility. You are accountable, accept it and let’s move forward.

Working with your schedule and goals, you should be able to maintain your relationships, do well at work and pay your bills on time. But when it comes to looking out for your dependants, staying healthy on a budget and only driving your car in the slow lane with learner stickers all over it, that stresses you out. And rightly so.

But lucky for you there’s this thing called insurance, AUL knows all about it and can help you out, but you need to make sure you get the right life, health and car insurance policy for your lifestyle. Once you’ve done that, you’ll finally be able to get a good night’s rest.


Clearing zone

The main stresses are sorted out and out of the way. Your life is slowly starting to resemble a manageable adult life. All that’s left to do is clear your life of all the clutter and loose ends. Honestly, you don’t have the time or space for that. Clear your environment of everything that no longer works, looks like it’s dying a slow death – seriously that couch has got to go – and try your best to keep it clean throughout the week, no build up necessary.

Clear your “friend” list and only hold onto those gems that understand where your life is right now, are never awkward to meet up with after a year and don’t take your constant affirmation without giving anything back.

Clear your bad habits, it only takes 21 days to break it, and lastly, clear your mind and keep it clear of negativity and outside manipulations. You are old enough now to live your life without having to justify to your friends or parents, it’s when you start needing to justify your actions to yourself that you should start to worry… but that’s a whole other article.

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