It’s that dreaded time of the year again. The grass is going brown, the leaves have fallen off the trees, and it’s getting harder to get out of bed in the morning. That’s right, winter is quickly rolling in. As we approach the colder months, we close all the windows and doors, trying to keep the warm air in. But the more time we spend indoors, in closer contact with people, the higher chance we have of contracting the dreaded flu.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, here are a few ways you can keep the flu out in the cold, this winter.

Increase your vitamin C and D intake:

Vitamin C:

In winter, having enough vitamin C is really important in fighting off colds and flu. Just 45mg a day has shown to boost your immune system and keep the coughing, sneezing and fevers at bay. Vitamin C is pretty easy to come across as it is found in most fruit and vegetables. But the ones highest in Vitamin C are oranges, grapefruits, kale, broccoli and other greens.

Vitamin D:

The best way to get some Vitamin D in your body is by spending some time in the sun. Unfortunately, this can be pretty hard to do when it’s freezing cold outside, and all we want to do is stay indoors. In South Africa, however, we’re lucky enough to have some pretty warm afternoons, so even 10 mins a day can make a big difference. There are also some foods that contain Vitamin D; these foods include:

  • Fatty fish, like tuna, mackerel, and salmon
  • Some dairy products, orange juice, soy milk, and cereals

Keep people at arm’s length:

When it is cold outside, we want to cuddle, but coming into contact with people can spread colds and germs from person to person. Keeping a distance from others, especially ones who already have flu-like symptoms is key to staying healthy. Social distancing, like staying at home as much as possible and avoiding crowded, public places where close contact with others is likely, can help keep you healthy during the peak flu season.

The LG ArtCool air conditioner:

It might seem crazy that an air conditioner can keep you healthy during the winter months, but the LG ArtCool has multiple features that help protect your home from harmful bacteria or allergens when you and your family need it the most.

Antibacterial Air Filter

The antibacterial Air Filter is the first line of defence, designed to capture dust particles over 10μm in size and then eliminate finer particles and bacteria from the air you breathe.

Multi Protection filter

The advanced technologies of 3M & LG remove harmful micro-particles including viruses, bacteria and allergens to provide a safer, healthier environment.

Plasmaster Ioniser Plus

The powerful plasma ioniser protects you from odours and harmful substances in the air with over 3 million ions to sterilise not only the air passing through the air conditioner but also surrounding surfaces for a safer, cleaner environment.

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