Desmond Tutu once said, “If we are going to see real development in the world, then our best investment is women.” 


 In light of Women’s Day this August, Kotex® is encouraging all women to embrace and celebrate their womanhood and being a woman.

Part of being a woman is having a period, which is commonly a taboo topic and is not usually celebrated or spoken about in a positive light. Kotex® hopes to change this by welcoming more conversations around uncomfortable issues which women face.


“Menstruation is a vital part of being a woman as human life begins with the blood of a woman’s womb,” says Sister Burgie, advisory nursing sister and midwife for Kotex®.


“Menstruation sparks a lot of concern amongst young girls and women from all cultures and the Kotex® mxit app and Kotex® Facebook page (KotexSouthAfrica) are great platforms as it encourages discussion and conversations around menstruation in a positive way,” adds Ireland.

“Menstruation should be a celebration as it is a sign that a woman’s body is working as it should. The first signs that you are experiencing stress, health, and diet or hormone imbalance begins with a change in periods.”

“Many women find periods inconvenient, painful and even messy! But periods are personal and in this one way it teaches a girl how to become a woman and how to understand her body. Some women have short cycles and some have long cycles, some women have pain and others don’t. Periods teach a woman to take responsibility for her health and make sure that she is prepared for her period and possibly one day having a baby,” concludes Ireland.


The Kotex® mxit app and Kotex® Facebook page is available to women and girls throughout the country where they can ask Sister Burgie questions about periods.


“As part of our latest campaign, ‘Goodbye Leakage Freakage, Hello Kotex’; we are encouraging women to feel confident and not worry about fusses such as leakage. Being a woman is a wonderful thing and we hope women start celebrating this more often by appreciating their period,” says Shirley Nhlengethwa, Senior Brand Manager for Kotex®.

Furthermore, through its Girlology workshops with Code Teen which take place throughout the year, Kotex® have impacted more than 27 000 women across South Africa since 2011. The workshops engage with young women at various colleges across South Africa on real-life challenges that young women face such as menstruation, substance abuse, gangsterism, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and HIV AIDS.

How will you be celebrating being a woman this Women’s Day? Join the conversation on the Kotex® mxit app or on the Kotex® Facebook page (KotexSouthAfrica) and share with other girls just like you.

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