Pop open a box of Maca, close your eyes and breathe in its honey – like scent. The smell of powdered Maca cannot be equalled and neither can its taste, it is sweet without being bombastic and it is naturally kind and healing to the body.

Maca is a root herb grown in high altitudes on the slopes of the Andes and this interesting root has a magical story full of myth and mystery. It was revered among the ancient Peruvian warriors, as being a food that endowed men with warrior strength and stamina. So sought after was its powers that, it was used as currency in the ancient world and was sought after by the well trained Inca warriors who would consume it before heading off in to their bloody battles.

But what once was a regarded as a sought after superfood, suddenly became something that only a handful of people remembered, until now. Doctors, raw chefs, health fundi’s and everyone in between have been reawakened to the beauty of Maca and its fundamental role in fuelling our bodies with goodness. It’s unique, innate goodness makes it comparable to broccoli and cabbage (it is hard to believe they fall in the same cruciferous family), but it tastes much better than its sister vegetables.

Maca is essential to balancing hormones in both males and females. Research and studies show that Maca has a positive effect on hormones and is often added in to the diets of women struggling with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, as well as Menopause. It has a naturally high nutrient and phytochemical (phytochemicals help combat disease) content, which seem to decrease the destressing symptoms of hot flushes, night sweats, and depression in menopausal women and polycystic sufferers who struggle with low estrogen levels.

Maca is known as an adaptogen, these are powerhouse herbs that adapt to the body and stabilise the body’s condition bringing balance and health to the individual. Maca has been used as a fertility adaptogen in different forms. As it stabilises hormones it works to bring about a stable menstruation and ovulation cycle. Many individuals take Maca in capsule form when trying to fall pregnant or when overcoming menstrual problems.

We all know what it feels like to have that afternoon dip in energy levels. Drinking a yummy Maca smoothie instead of reaching for the coffee machine, is a much healthier way to bless your body and pick it up. The Maca root is known to boost energy levels and stamina, by stabilising blood sugar levels and regulating the adrenal health which results in a more positive mood and increased concentration. Individuals have claimed that Maca just makes them feel alive, surely the warrior Incas knew a thing or two about stamina and how to boost focus, we should take a leaf from their book right! Perhaps now is the time to all chip in at the office and get a Nutribullet for the team, why not?

As women age, bone problems become a worry. Doctors suggest that women over the age of 30, should be taking a daily calcium supplement to prevent osteoporosis and brittle bones. Maca has shown to increase “important markers when it comes to bone density.” In other words, add Maca to your diet to support bone health, especially in women.

Antioxidants are vital for the overall well – being and health of your body. These substances literally protect your body against damaging molecules called free radicals. Free radicals are present in the food we eat, as well as in our bodies and can cause health scares and diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Our bodies however are incredibly special and beautiful, as our bodies natural defence against free radicals are antioxidants. Our bodies create antioxidants but we can get a healthy supply of antioxidants through the food we consume. Maca is a natural antioxidant, studies prove that Maca has the ability to prevent glucose problems, as well as bad cholesterol. It also improves the effective functioning of the immune system and increases the resistance to disease and balances glucose levels, an important factor when dealing with diabetes.

If you are not yet convinced about adding Maca to your diet, here is one final thought on the vitamins and minerals present in the Maca root. It contains iron, sodium, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, Vitamins B and E, as well as amino acids, to mention a few. Maca is also safe to consume as it has no known or recorded side effects, even in large amounts.

As always, it is important to be aware of where you are purchasing Maca from. My favourite way to use Maca is in powder form, which I use in smoothies. I purchase Maca online from Faithful – to – Nature, as they are a green business that scrutinises every ingredient and they only stock a high quality of Maca. Please be aware of this when you purchase!

Also, I know how tempting it is to hit the snooze button four or five times in the morning. When most people do this, they end up skipping breakfast on their late morning rush to work, do not skip breakfast! Rather here is a five – minute smoothie recipe that is going to stabilise your blood sugar, and increase your stamina for the morning rush. All you need to do is chop up some banana’s and pop them in to the freezer the night before.


Banana Maca Smoothie for the Morning Rush

Pop in to a Blender or Food Processor:

1 Frozen Banana
250ml (1 cup) of Milk (Almond Milk, Soya Milk, Cows Milk etc)
2 Tsp’s of Maca Powder
1 Tablespoon of Almond or Nut Butter
If you have Cacao Powder or Cacao Nibs – you can pop these in too!

Then blitz it all together and drink up!
Then dash for the car! Enjoy.

You can purchase Maca over Here: Superfood Maca Powder

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