If you managed to practice our previous meditation enough then you should have reached a state of thoughtlessness, union or awareness.

This is a state where you become conscious of the underlying energy stirring beneath the surface of your conscious mind. This is a place where you become the eternal now, a place where there is no beginning, no middle and no end.
It is peaceful and joyous. It is now time to take this process a step further and discover how long you can maintain staying in that state of awareness.
If you manage to remain in this state for ten to fifteen minutes what knowledge will come to the surface? Silence is a sanctuary; it is the place of birth for new thoughts, ideas and manifestation.
In silence there are many possible potentials. Some believe that reaching a level of silence in the mind is experiencing God, god consciousness or reaching the intelligence from within.


Once you have entered silence and managed to remain within the meditative state then your body, your mind and your soul will all benefit.

Our physical body needs to rest and so does our mind. In this way the mind will regenerate and refresh because this is the only time all levels of human functioning are integrated into a wholesome being.  This is in opposition to our conscious state of mind functioning from a level of need, discontent and separation.

Please follow the following steps for meditation into silence and stillness:

Find a suitable space and a comfortable place to sit
Switch off your phone
You can play a soft gentle background music if you wish
Light a candle or burn an incense to create the desired atmosphere
If you are in nature enjoy the natural sounds of your surroundings
Relax your body from head to foot
Start with the letting go of your thoughts meditation.  Follow the steps as provided in our previous newsletter
Once you have reached the level of no thought then allow this space to open itself to you
Notice the body as it is relaxed. Fall into the rhythms of your own breath, and become aware of how natural and effortless this process of breathing is. Then notice your own mind
Have you noticed that you are the observer who is neither the body nor the mind? You are the underlying awareness who observes the self. You will find this space peaceful, ever expanding. You may feel as though you flow like water or float like air or experience colours and light entering and moving through you. You may notice images appearing and fading
Maintain your awareness in this space. Notice the possibilities that open themselves to you. Allow the light, colours or images to enter without your intention of inviting them
You will recognise original thoughts because they are not generated by your own mind
Experience this peaceful, comfortable and effortless state of being. A state of contentment… contentment with what is and enjoy it
Once you are ready to come out of your meditation, bring your awareness back to your body from your feet upwards to your head. Settle into your body and slowly open your eyes.  Try to practice this meditation during your daily life tasks, even if it is for five minutes.

I kindly thank all of you who gave us positive feedback on our previous meditation… I hope that following this new meditation program will open new doors of possibilities for healthier living on all levels. Please do continue to keep us posted with your progress, comments or suggestions.

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