After a stress filled 2015, I entered 2016 feeling positive but struggling with new stressors. Eventually I was overcome by adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is characterised by heightened levels of fatigue, difficulty getting up in the morning, dry skin, dizziness, dark circles under the eyes, weakened immune system and frequent hunger pains during sleeping hours. It also effects the body’s natural ability to produce essential hormones like cortisol, which is essential for regulating energy levels throughout the day and aid in dealing with everyday stress. Due to the fact that the body is operating on less energy, feelings of anxiety, apathy, irritability and being overwhelmed are rather common. Researchers in America estimate that close to two thirds of the American population have adrenal fatigue and South Africa is close behind. Our lives are never free of stressful realities and challenges but how we choose to aid our bodies in these stressful times, is what matters most and nature has the answers for us.

I am not a great lover of chemical medication for stress or anxiety. A simple google search reveals the darker side effects of common antidepressants and tranquilisers, prescribed by GP’s. Doctors want to help their patients overcome the worrying impact of stress on their body, so they rely on scheduled drugs to help their patients through crisis. However, common medication can and does have a negative effect on our bodies and while doctors often do have their patient’s best interests at heart, it is up to us as carers of our bodies, to do our homework. While researching adrenal fatigue, I met a number of women in the same boat as I was, and some even had blood tests for adrenal fatigue. When we discussed our different approaches to dealing with this, I was pleased to find how many of us were on the same page when it came to seeking a natural, whole solution to adrenal fatigue.

Enter superfoods and adaptogens. Adaptogens are a unique group of herbs that help the body adapt to stress and naturally increase the body’s natural ability to deal with stress. They are nature’s wonder tools when it comes to stress! Superfoods are nutrient – rich foods that feed the body with essential vitamins, polyphenols and minerals. What you eat during stressful times, is vitally important to helping your body overcome the negative effects of stress. So I looked around for something that would provide my body with healing nourishment and I found an amazing product called SuperThrive. SuperThrive is in powder form containing Cacao, Reishi Mushrooms, Taheebo, Schizandra and some of my favourite adaptogens like Ashwagandha, Hawthorn, and Rhodiola. Along with some of my favourite superfoods like cacao, Mesquite, Hemp and Barley Grass. Here’s how these natural herbs help your body:

  • Rhodiola, is the number one herb used to aid individuals dealing with short periods of stress, like a stressful job interview or work situation. It rebalances the hormones released by the brain such as dopamine and serotonin and it helps transport these essential chemicals through the brain. It is a powerful antioxidant and significantly improves stamina, endurance, and helps regenerate stress – induced damage to the cardiovascular tissues.
  • Ashwagandha, has become my favourite adaptogen, nature had provided us with a herb that eases and rejuvenates. It’s ability to help ease anxiety and stress are remarkable, while it protects the immune system, improves learning, memory and focus, stabilises blood sugar and offers anti-inflammatory benefits. Ashwagandha is highly beneficial for students dealing with exam stress, as well as children at school.
  • Foti has been used in Chinese medicinal practices since ancient times and has been praised for its anti- aging properties. It also lowers cholesterol, helps with effective kidney and liver functioning and prevents heart disease.
  • Hawthorn, has been used to help with heart disease for almost 200 years. It contains huge amounts of anti-oxidants, it lowers blood pressure which often increases in time of prolonged stress, it improves blood flow and has a kind calming effect on the being.
  • Hemp is essential to balancing hormones, which are easily thrown out of balance during stress.

After just one week of drinking SuperThrive once a day and taking important vitamins like all the B’s, I was amazed at my increased ability to cope. I am giving my body, my soul and my mind all the care it needs with sleep, healthy juices and whole food, as well as adaptogens and superfoods and prayer. I cannot recommend SuperThrive enough, I want to tell everyone I meet about it, it truly has been a hug from nature for my body’s response to prolonged stress.

As always, I am very careful about buying this kind of product from a company that is ethical and wholesome, Faithful – to – Nature, is the cheapest supplier that I have found and is also an organic company that cares for nature as a whole. SuperThrive is also free of sugar, gluten, dairy, soya and genetically modified products, it is also safe for vegans and is now available for children and for men. I take it in some lukewarm water with a little honey and it is yummy but it can also be mixed in to a smoothie, it is definitely worth a go if you are struggling with stress or anxiety. Also, one of the best ways to consume healing herbs like SuperThrive is to use raw chocolate as a carrier of these herbs. Raw Cacao causes the body to absorb more of the healing qualities of these herbs, so it is worth it to mix up your own chocolate and SuperThrive combo. Children also enjoy it more, if you place healing herbs in their hands as chocolatey treats and you don’t have to look any further to find a quick and easy recipe! Check out our Raw Chocolate Recipe over Here – Wholesome Chocolate Indulgence

Here is the link to SuperThrive, and all the best as you navigate through the waters of stress and challenges!

SuperThrive for Women

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Lauren is a social justice journalist who writes about womens lives, their stories and their global impact. Her work on social justice has included articles on women abuse, gendercide, female ritual servitude, female literacy and the plight of child brides. She currently has three books out and her third, a biblical novel entitled Yehudit Chosen by God, won the Desmond Tutu - Gerrit Brand Award for the best debut Christian novel of 2017. Lauren's heart is to encourage women in their daily lives and challenges, she is an international speaker and a full-time writer. Visit her website and read some of her work over at

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