Keeping your skin in good health has less to do with beauty and more to do with keeping yourself healthy. Nowadays beauty can be found in an eyeshadow colour palette, in contoured foundation and bronzer. And a painted face is not what this article is about but rather maintaining healthy skin through care and protection.


So healthy skin is important. Your skin is your biggest organ and it comes into contact with the world around you constantly. It is full of nerve-endings that warn you about temperatures and pain which means it’s sending you messages constantly that keep you safe. And because of all this, you should keep it healthy. But it also ages like the rest of your body and therefore it requires care and maintenance throughout the decades. The type of care necessary can differ from age to age.


Here’s a breakdown of how to care for your skin as it ages.


In your 20s

Your skin is prone to breakouts and not only on your face. You need to pay close attention to your cleansing routine and make sure to use cleansing and exfoliating products that suit your skin type. Start the habits now of changing your linen frequently so you sleep in clean sheets and always remove your makeup before bed. You should also wear sunscreen every day on the parts of your body that are exposed. In the summer months you might as well lather sunscreen from head to toe and in the winter months make sure you face, neck, chest, hands, and arms are protected.


In your 30s

Your skin begins to lose a lot of its elasticity during this decade. It’ll also potentially become drier and because of various hormonal changes, you might find you’re suddenly (or still) prone to breakouts. Because your skin begins losing elasticity and moisture you need to start paying attention to its specific needs. You should visit a beauty therapist for your facial skin. They can map your skin and recommend the ideal products to mitigate against fine lines, dry patches and dull skin.

Now is the time to pay top dollar for an excellent moisturiser for both your face and the rest of your body. Your hands tend to age quickly too and will lack moisture. Invest in lotions and creams that invigorate your skin all over.


In your 40s

Your average modern woman is peaking in her 40s. Her career is in full swing, her kids are no longer babies and she’s even travelling the globe. During this decade, many people suffer through unprecedented stress and a suddenly fast-paced lifestyle, both of which can cause skin damage. The loss of moisture is still a big concern and your skin begins to sag a bit during this decade.

To mitigate against this you can invest in targeted moisturisers and intensive dry skin treatments that’ll tackle dryness and dullness all over the body. To make sure you retain your glow during these ages be sure to exfoliate regularly as this helps the body keep replacing skin cells.


Your 50s and beyond

Your skin becomes thinner and far more delicate than before. You will have some wrinkles and fine lines and you will find that there is a lot of lost elasticity. You should continue with your regular habits of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising regularly but you should change your products to suit. You should consider oil-based products and probiotic or vitamin-enriched creams. Continue with your sunscreen too. But make sure you speak to a skincare professional about what to use that will protect and nourish your older skin.

Don’t ever break the habit as that will create cracks in the surface. Moisturising is crucial during these years and if you find there are specific issues cropping up such as dark patches then consult a dermatologist but non-invasive procedures for skin rejuvenation.


Skincare technology has come a far way in recent years. You can find anything you’re looking for to keep your skin fresh and glowing no matter your age.

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