Every winter as the temperature drops, it seems for most of us, the needle on the scale creeps. And every spring you try desperately to shed those extra layers before summer hits. But a wise man once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So this year, before running head on into the latest fad diet, give your body the head start it needs with a crucial detox.

We are exposed to toxins every day caused by the process of breaking down substances in the body as well as from our environment. A build-up can make it difficult for our body’s systems to function efficiently. What do you do when your computer freezes up? You reboot. Well, detoxing can do the same thing for your body. When the liver is overloaded with toxins, it has to work much harder to metabolize fat – one of its main functions. A good detox is like setting the “re-set” button on your liver.

The G.I. Lean weight loss programme, stresses the importance of starting your diet with a 3 day detox.  The G.I. Lean 3 Day Detox is not about starving yourself –it’s about giving your body “clean” nutrients, eating 5 small meals a day, drinking plenty of water and cutting out substances like caffeine, alcohol, cigarette smoke and saturated fat.

The G.I Lean 3 Day Detox effervescent tablet with extracts of Pomegranate, anti-oxidant rich Acai Berry, Aloe and Dandelion Root can be taken three times a day. It is the first step in the four step G.I. Lean weight loss programme. The G.I. Lean lifestyle is based on eating Low GI (slow-releasing) carbohydrates combined with a regular exercise regime and supporting with specifically designed G.I. Lean products to assist with a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. It is designed to help you reach your ideal weight, while teaching you simple facts about healthy nutrition, the Glycaemic Index, meal portions, exercise and how, by taking the right supplements, you can give your body the extra help it needs to lose weight and gain health.  

For more information about G.I. Lean and its comprehensive range of weight-loss supporting supplements, visit www.gilean.co.za.

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