Want to stay in shape while travelling? FitKey tells you how


Staying fit and healthy while travelling can be challenging, whether you’re on holiday or business. Not only do your normal routines get thrown out of whack, but it’s also often a struggle to find gym facilities that cater for visitors, or for the specific type of keep-fit classes you like to take. “Most of our clients at 360 Specialised Training seek hotels with a gym, as the mainstream gyms usually don’t offer short-term memberships, and if they do, they’re extremely costly,” says Chris Walsh of 360 Specialised Training, a FitKey partner.


There are a few tips and tricks that you can use to incorporate fitness and health into your travel schedule, however. Co-founder of FitKey Evan Walther, a seasoned traveller, advises frequent flyers to invest in a travel fitness kit. “I have a lightweight pair of shoes specifically for travel that I pack so I have no excuse not to keep active,” he says. “A resistance band and an activity tracker are also part of my kit.”


Remember to keep hydrated during your travels, as this combats fatigue and prevents over-eating – drink at least 2 glasses of water before your flight, so you start your journey hydrated. And prepare healthy snack foods at home to carry with you, to help you avoid the fattening options on the plane. Include yoghurt in your diet a few days before your trip to help strengthen your immune system.


With a bit of ingenuity, you can also work in some extra activity during your travels. Walk at least 1000 steps while waiting to board your flight, use a water bottle as a dumbbell, or alternate arms when carrying your case through the airport.


Last but certainly not least, if you want to stick to your fitness plan, book your fitness class with FitKey in advance so that your itinerary is completely planned for the duration of your travels. To meet the needs of individuals wanting to stay fit while on the go, FitKey has been developed to ensure staying active is simple and easily accessible – no matter where you are. FitKey has over 80 studios across Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria, and gives travellers access to countless types of classes, from yoga to bootcamp. “Keeping your fitness regime varied is a great way to use an optimal number of muscle groups while keeping your routine fun, exciting and stress free,” says Lisa Raleigh, brand ambassador for FitKey.


To book a class on the FitKey app at a suitable fitness studio in the area you’re travelling to, just log in to the FitKey app or website, and browse all the classes, then click on the classes you like, and reserve a class you want to attend.


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