Mio Skincare shares a few must-have products to get back in shape this New Year! 


We all know that with the holiday season comes over indulgence and once January hit, we desperately want to get back into shape. 

Here’s a few product suggestions from Mio skincare to help with the process. Remember it is important to get your hands on a diet that works for you and a fitness program that you enjoy – this will ensure that you see the best results from your Mio products.


Mio Workout Wonder

Your own personal muscle motivator and massage therapists. It works like a protein shake to feed your hard working muscles with the nutrients that it needs to build stamina and help with muscle recovery. It energises, cools and revives muscles instantly, is the ideal pre and post workout to get the best from your body and eases muscle soreness and tension from daily life. 


How it works:

It contains an incredible blend of natural essential oils – V-Tonic. It is a trade mark blend of Citrus Oils, Lavender, Menthol, Spearmint and Cypress essential oils. These oils work together to give that instant and long-lasting relief and stimulation for muscles and improves circulation. Arnica Montana Flower Extract helps the oxygen get to cells faster, reducing pain, inflammation and bruising. 


How to use: Massage 1 or 2 pumps into hard working legs, achy upper back, neck and shoulders.



  • Kick start circulation and awaken your senses 
  • Instant relieve of muscle soreness
  • Eases muscles the whole day
  • Energise muscles before workout
  • Less stiff muscles after workout (prevention)
  • Refreshing and uplifting


(Recommended Retail Price for the Mio Workout Wonder is R610.00 for a 100ml)


The importance of warming up before exercising: Reduce risk of injury |Improves blood circulation to muscles |Enhances suppleness of muscles |Prepares the cardiovascular system for workload |Prepares the muscular system for workload. 


A good workout consists of a solid warm up (10 minutes of light cardio), a period of stretching the area, a more strenuous portion increasing the heart rate and a cool down period (10 minutes of stretching)


Why bananas are the best to eat before a workout? Natural sugars for sustained energy |High in fibre |High in Vitamin B6 (regulates glucose) |Rich in potassium (prevents muscle fatigue) |Regulates serotonin levels (happy hormones).


Mio QuickStart Shower Gel


Our super-stimulating shower gel gets your mind and body going, even if you skip the coffee. It cleanses deeply with skin-safe coconut-derived cleansers. It is super-hydrating and won’t strip your skin! Brightens skin and relieves swelling and puffiness. 


How it works:

It contains coconut derived cleansers that gently cleanses and lathers the skin without the negative drying and aging effects of soap and SLS. Organic Lemon and Grapefruit extracts are packed with Vitamin C and has a zesty aroma. These extracts help to brighten and energise the skin, boosting circulation and skin renewal. Quick Start is pH balanced and can safely be used in delicate areas and even on the most sensitive skin.


How to use: Ummm, WASH! In the shower. Just remember to breathe deeply so you get the full benefit of the minty zesty essential oils.



  • Kick start circulation and awaken your senses 
  • Clears your mind and prepares you for your busy day
  • Great for that business person that wants a great jump start to the day
  • Use less moisturizer when you are finished washing
  • Protecting collagen and gives your skin bounce
  • Antioxidants prep the skin’s defence against pollution


(Recommended Retail Price for the Mio QuickStart Shower Gel is R535.00 for a 200ml)


Eat your water: Your body is composed of about 60% water and it is important to drink 1 – 2 litres of water a day. Water has the following health benefits: Control calorie intake and aids digestion |Helps energise muscles and prevents muscle fatigue |Helps your skin to look radiant |Detoxifies the body.


Restoring the calm: Here are some simple tips that can help to relieve your stress: Get More Magnesium |Drink Tea |Breathe |Focus on relaxation |Connect with friends |Lighten up |Cut the caffeine |Be positive — most stress is temporary.


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