If you have been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, don’t despair. By making healthy lifestyle choices and keeping tabs on your blood sugar levels, you can slow down or, sometimes even reverse the disease.


“Diabetes is a progressive disease, which means that managing blood sugar levels now, along with other health risk factors such as your cholesterol, blood pressure and weight, can reverse or delay the onset of the disease,” says Clicks pharmacist, Waheed Abdurahman. “By managing your weight, following a well-balanced diet and getting regular exercise, you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and prevent complications in the long term.”


“It’s important to start controlling your diabetes as soon as you are diagnosed,” he stresses. “This means going for regular wellness checks; understanding how and when to take your medication; monitoring your sugar on a daily basis and problem-solving such as how to recognise and respond to high and low blood sugar.  Reduce your risks by having regular eye, foot and dental exams and know what behaviours to avoid, such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.”


Visit your Clicks pharmacist for advice on diabetes management, and a convenient, free Repeat Prescription Service. The Clicks front shop offers a wide range of quality diabetes products at affordable prices, such as glucometers and strips, dietary products, diabetic medication and footcare products. Clicks clinics also offer a diabetes screening, which includes a glucose and blood pressure screening, BMI measurement and foot screening catering to all your essential wellness checks needs. Your Medical Aid might fund this screening so be sure to check your Medical Aid benefits guide or ask your Clicks Clinic Sister.


Here are some top tips for keeping your blood sugar levels healthy:

  • Make smarter food choices – drink at least two servings of low fat dairy products a day and buy bread products which slow down absorption of glucose and decrease possible insulin rises.
  • Consider magnesium – studies have shown that magnesium, found in nuts, green leafy vegetables and avocado pears, reduce the risk of diabetes by about 10 percent.
  • Take cinnamon supplements – known to help blood-glucose levels drop.
  • Walk more – moderate exercise leads to better control of blood sugar.
  • Cut out extra fat and reduce your saturated fats intake.
  • Eat more regularly and have smaller meals more often – Don’t miss a meal.  Your blood sugar levels drop when you are hungry.


With over 400 Clicks pharmacies and 200 Clicks clinics nationwide, speak to a Clicks pharmacist about diabetes advice and treatment, or make an appointment for a clinic sister visit.


Visit www.clicks.co.za  for more information.

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