There are many theories surrounding this:

  • Morning – Jump starts your metabolism and keeps it elevated for hours.
  • Afternoon – Body temperature is at its highest and therefore injuries are less likely and strength is greater.
  • Evening – Improves sleep quality and the body is better primed for making gains in size and strength.


I believe training is best when you have time, whatever time suits you best.


However, whichever time of the day is better suited for you, stick to that time of day. You will be much more likely to train regularly and get better results.


The human body follows a cycle called circadian rhythms. It regulates body temperature, blood pressure, alertness and metabolism.


These rhythms conform to our typical 24-hour day, and are set based on environmental cues. One of these cues is the time of day we exercise. Therefore if we stick to a certain time of day to exercise we “teach” the body to be ready to exercise at that time.


So the bottom line is the best time to exercise is based upon personal goals, schedule and lifestyle but must be stuck to consistently.

About The Author

Nicol Muller

Born and raised in Cape Town. As a child I was always influenced positively by my father to be active, from sports in school to attending gym. This grew on me throughout my life and I took an interest in running from the age of 10. Competing in my first 10km at the age of 16 , I was hooked on fitness. Not only for the benefits of what it did to my body, but for how it made me feel, my body, mind and soul felt alive! After school I went to the UK where I studied to become a Personal Trainer, living out my passion was a must for me. I returned to South Africa in 2011 after 4 years in the UK. I began working as a Personal Trainer within 2 weeks of landing. Fitness is more than about just looking good, it’s about feeling good. My aim is to instil this view into all my clients’ minds. If I can achieve this I believe I have achieved what I sought out to. I am a fun loving individual who believes that life is what you make of it. I am self-motivated and believe that I am a great motivator for others as well.

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