Ordering meal kits online has made shopping for food ingredients a cinch, but what about the impact of the packaging and waste on the environment?


Wanting to make a difference to our world, online dinner kit delivery service UCOOK works closely with organisations that are passionate about protecting and enhancing the environment.


“At UCOOK we knew that the first step to staying ‘green’ was using as much organic ingredients in our menus as possible. It just has so many benefits – from good quality and exceptional taste to knowing that fewer pesticides were used in farming,” says UCOOK co-founder, David Torr.


He continues: “We are truly honoured to have Abalimi Bezekhaya’s Harvest of Hope, a fantastic farming initiative that empowers local farmers, as our organic supplier of vegetables and fruits. We also source delicious, pasture-reared, grass-fed meats from Ryan Boon.”


As much as UCOOK provides a convenient dinner solution, the team want to ensure that there is no waste from the packaging or leftover food.


They tackle this in two ways. Firstly, all used packaging can be collected by their courier and returned to them for recycling. Secondly, they donate all leftover food to the local leg of global upcycle campaign, The Real Junk Food Project.


“Because we order all stock in bulk, sometimes extra food might mount up. The Real Junk Food Project make sure that all food they receive is edible, and upcycles the ingredients to feed the poor – giving us the opportunity to support a great cause,” Torr shares.


“We hope that our delicious meals will inspire our clients to make ethical eating choices,” he concludes.


To order their mouth-watering weekly meal kits, UCOOK clients simply visit the website; select their desired dishes from one of three menus curated by some of the top chefs in the country (Rustic, L-Carb, Veg)and pick portion size (Bachelor, Couple or Family). The UCOOK team then sources organic ingredients, accurately measures these and delivers them, along with their corresponding recipe cards, directly to the customer’s address for them to cook in the comfort of their own home.  For more information, visit http://www.ucook.co.za

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