Stress is a very big problem in our modern society. It can quite literally kill you if it gets out of hand. It also creeps into every part of your life and the effects of suffering high levels of stress can debilitate you. Stress unfortunately manifests mentally as well as physically and in both instances trying to simply “relax” won’t do much good. You need surefire ways of handling your stress in order to combat the negative effects of it.


In general, many people don’t pay enough attention to the symptoms of stress. Plus, being stressed can be considered an indication of how hard you work and how well you are doing in your life but this is a terrible misconception. Essentially when we throw the word “stress” around far too lightly and almost wear it with pride. Whereas, if you have ever been truly stressed and on the brink of burnout, you’ll know that high levels of stress stop productivity. Mitigating the symptoms of stress is crucial to remaining healthy and in control of your life.


It has been suggested time and time again that you can diminish your stress by acknowledging the stressors in your life and working to minimise them. But when your stress is related to your career, your financial issues or your family, it’s impossible to simply try and get rid of those. For instance, many young people starting out in their careers work very hard for little income. But if they stop working hard, they won’t achieve what they need to in order to have a successful career. Similarly, single parents carry the burden of raising their children with very little support but they cannot simply fix the situation. They need to push through regardless of their circumstances and take small steps towards solving the big problem.


You can include some daily routines and habits that will assist with lowering your stress levels

Making sure that your diet is a good one that’s filled with nutritious food and drinking enough water is a good start to keep your stress levels in check. In fact, preparing meals ahead of time can do wonders and gives you one less thing to think about. Also, incorporating regular exercise in your weekly routine will also assist with diminishing your stress levels. Chemically, exercise changes your brain function and the heightened levels of serotonin will help you manage your busy and worrisome lifestyle. Steering clear of alcohol and the use of cigarettes and so on is best too. When you’re stressed out you should make an effort to be as healthy as possible.


Stress is called a silent killer with good reason

Stress creeps up on your without you realising. This is the case for most of us as when we become stressed out it is because we are so busy and not paying attention to ourselves. We tend to just operate as best we can, ignoring any symptoms or red flags. So identifying that your stress levels are high is tricky. But you should look out for emotional symptoms such as feeling out of control, suffering with low self-esteem and becoming quickly moody and agitated. If you start finding that you’re depressed and you can’t quiet your mind when you should be relaxing, you’re likely at an unhealthy level of stress. Physical manifestations of stress are easily spotted too if you know what you’re looking for. Suffering from regular headaches, unable to sleep, digestive and stomach issues, inability to sleep? These are all indicators of stress taking over your life. And then of course, there are symptoms like suddenly becoming extremely forgetful, experiencing crazy levels of anxiety and having the inability to focus.


Why you should medically consider managing your stress

If you recognise that you are in fact stressed out and you know that you cannot continue in the same way as you have been, you should seek out professional help. A simple visit to the doctor to discuss what you’re feeling and experiencing is necessary when the symptoms begin to present. We all suffer stress in varying degrees because life is difficult nowadays. The daily challenges you need to overcome to maintain a normal life are greater than most of us can handle. This is why everyone should have medical cover too. Having a medical aid or some type of health insurance that affords you day to day cover means that you can reach out to your GP, therapist or any other medical professional, as soon as you believe you need assistance. Sometimes just knowing that help is a phone call away and you don’t have to worry about the exorbitant costs involved, is enough to make you feel more at ease.


A medical professional can thoroughly evaluate your symptoms and ease your mind by ruling out other devastating conditions or illnesses that you might fear you have. And medical help doesn’t only assist with the physical ailments of stress but also the emotional and cognitive concerns.

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