World Bone and Joint awareness week is noted on our calendars from 12-20 October; but do we actually know what this week is about?

Often these health days of the year only become known to us through social media, and if the information doesn’t fit into a snappy one-liner, many people overlook them and keep scrolling. However, the intention and the education behind these days are important and the aim is to make us aware of our bodies and how we need to look after them.

“World Bone and Joint week is aimed at educating us on disorders such as arthritis, back pain, osteoporosis and the effects of childhood obesity on musculoskeletal system,” says Odette Vass, brand manager for joint care brand OsteoEze®. “Millions of people worldwide suffer from bone and joint conditions which can cause long-term pain and physical disability. Knowing more about how bones and joints can be kept healthy is a vital part of keeping our bodies in proper working condition.”

Vass suggests the following tips on how to help keep your bones and joints healthy:

  • Low impact and smart exercising can help your joints maintain their movement and reduce stiffness, and by doing so, nutrients are delivered to the cartilage to help keep them healthy. Smart exercising is all about knowing your limits, and not over exerting yourself. It is also about resting your joints when you need to.  Low impact exercising such as swimming and yoga gives your joints the time-out that they need to recuperate from strength training.
  • A diet containing a lack of calcium and vitamin A can cause loss of bone mass and result in fractures that occur close to the joint, bringing on symptoms of inflammation and damage.  Be sure to include these two vitamins in your diet to ensure healthy bones and joints, e.g. dairy, carrots, sweet potatoes and liver.
  • Use a supplement that contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin which helps to relieve joint pain and protect against the deterioration of cartilage, as well as increase mobility and flexibility. OsteoEze® Gold which is formulated with high dosages of both ingredients, helps build healthy cartilage, improve joint mobility and reduce stiffness and swelling no matter your age.

When being educated on the aim of calendar health days, such as World Bone and Joint week, the importance of these occasions becomes evident; and it also helps when thinking up those snappy, one-liners for social media, because, nowadays, education comes to us in many different ways:

  • When you keep moving, you keep your joints flexible. #worldboneandjointweek  #OsteoEze
  • Smart exercising is one way to keep your bones and your joints healthy. #worldboneandjointweek  #OsteoEze
  • Being active is good for your joints. #worldboneandjointweek  #OsteoEze
  • Carrying too much weight can cause strain on your joints and every little bit of weight you lose will decrease this strain on your joints.  #worldboneandjointweek  #OsteoEze
  • Exercising with sore joints? OsteoEze® Gold can help with that.  #worldboneandjointweek  #OsteoEze
  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin, a good way to supplement when it comes to fighting against joint pain.  #worldboneandjointweek  #OsteoEze

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