Moms are tough. They may be the toughest out of all of us. They take care of their snotty-nosed kids, they clean up vomit (and worse) and yet most of them remain healthy and seem to have strong immune systems. And, as we all know, when mom does get a sniffle it’s scary.


As a mom, being sick tends to be a luxury that you can’t afford. No matter what you’re suffering, you’re still going to have to get up and tend to your kids. If you have a supportive partner, the load is lightened but kids need their mom even when she’s mandown. Also, there are many single moms around who don’t have a partner and they are the toughest of them all. If you’re a single mom, you’ll know that even staying home when you’re sick doesn’t excuse you from the early morning school run and the need to put dinner on the table that evening. So when you’re a mom staying healthy is key.


Keeping your immune system strong and boosted is vitally important

This means you need to keep up with your vitamins and make sure you get your seasonal flu shot. And when the going gets tough with sick little ones, you still need to keep up with nutritional meals and find some time to exercise. If you don’t do these things, your immunity will diminish and you’ll be likely to catch your kid’s germs. When the change of season comes about and everyone is coming down with the flu and so on, you need to keep washing your hands to ward off germs. Also, make sure you drink enough water. It’s been proven that keeping your insides hydrated helps to protect you against germs. All of your organs require hydration to function at optimal and your nose (often the first victim of the flu) needs to remain moist or it won’t trap the bacteria and prevent it from entering your system. By keeping up these habits you’ll be able to ward off the worst of the viruses that tend to do the rounds.


Care for your kids carefully

This is difficult considering your kids are incredibly needy when they’re ill. Of course, they want mom for hugs and cuddles. After all, there’s a reason why moms can “kiss it better”. But this is placing you in danger of becoming just as ill as them and that’ll help no one. Make sure you keep a bit of distance from your sick little ones. Teach them to always place their hands in front of their mouths when they sneeze or cough. Make sure that they blow their noses and throw the dirty tissues away. Also, no more kisses on the lips. Now is simply not the time. Teach your kids to wash their hands all day long, just like you have to, and do a change of linen and sheets while they’re sick so that they are recovering in a clean bed. Also, keep up with their vitamins and feed them nourishing meals. The very same nutrient rich foods you’re eating to prevent being sick.


Seek medical attention

And do it sooner rather than later. Sick kids are not only a disruption in your life but getting them back to optimum health can cost you a bit of money. Many parents put off visiting their family doctor or paediatrician because the consultation fees together with medication can cost a small fortune. However, if your child becomes sicker because the over-the-counter medication isn’t working, you’re likely to pay even more for their speedy return to health. Catching a bug quickly means a faster recovery, less time away from work, one set of medication (as opposed to trying a number of different ones in hope of them working) and a clear idea of how to prevent the sickness from returning. Even if your kid has caught a virus such as the flu, which cannot be treated and needs to be worked out of their systems, a doctor’s visit will help. Moms who leave it and hope for the best can often be found in emergency rooms in the middle of the night, admitting their child into hospital. This is an unpleasant and scary experience for all involved. 


What’s more, without sufficient health care cover, you’ll find yourself paying out your savings (or worse maxing your credit card) to cover the costs. This is also why, at the very least, you must have a hospital for your family. The health care offers on most hospital plans are sufficient to cover your little one going to hospital. Everything will be covered by your healthcare plan and you’ll find yourself resting easier now that your kids can get optimum medical treatment if and when necessary without breaking the bank.

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