1. Faceted Search and Dynamic Filter
    If you have this functionality, you are paying Nextopia or Searchspring up to $36,000 per year! What if we could implement this on your site with a one-time fee and you did not have to pay monthly forever? Our solution works fast and indexes within miliseconds not to mention the fact that it’s 100% customizable.
  2. How to do SEO for E-commerce Sites – Top 10 Tips (Bonus)
    We get asked this question a lot. Are you generating good content and increasing the authority of your E-commerce Site? Do not allow your competitors to beat you. SEO will be the easiest money that you ever make.
  3. Reorder an Existing Order Functionality 
    Allow users to easily reorder items from existing orders on your store by clicking a reorder button next to items in past placed orders. This functionality can also be set up as a one-click reorder functionality via emails sent at preset intervals to remind users to reorder. 
  4. Tax Exempt Option and Tracking 
    This is a perfect functionality for E-commerce stores that sell to businesses. It allows your customers to select a “Tax Exempt” option at checkout and have them upload their tax exempt licenses. It then track the expiration dates and notifies you when they are expired. It also sends you an email to approve or disapprove taxt exempt customers and saves it in their profiles so they are never charged taxes on future purchases. 
  5. Add All Related Items to Cart 
    Let users quickly add all of the related products displayed on a product page or in a pre-checkout upsell section directly to their shopping cart with one click. 
  6. Automated Quoting System 
    Spend less time processing quotes with our automated quote processing system. When customers request a quote, a PDF quote can be autonomously emailed to them in only minutes. Customers then have the option to accept and immediately complete their order by following a link in the email. If a customer does not accept a quote after a set amount of time, the quote can be set to expire in your backend. All businesses with B2B systems MUST have this functionality.
  7. Phone Call Tracking with Dynamic Session IDs 
    Wouldn’t it be incredible to track the orders that come in via phone calls to the exact traffic source for your E-commerce store? That is exactly what this functionality does. We install a small javascript on your site and we integrate with your Google analytics to track every single user. If they call you, you can get the dynamically created session ID and know exactly where they came from. You can finally attribute phone calls and phone sales back to the source. This is perfect for calculating the ROI for Facebook and Adwords campaigns.
  8. Advanced Search and Filter
    If you want this functionality, you would be paying SearchSpring or Netopia up to $12,000 per year! We have implemented this for 22 clients at a fraction of that cost. It’s 5 times faster than E-commerce search and 3 times faster than Searchspring or Netopia. 
  9. Pay with Two Cards Option at Checkout 
    This functionality will allow users to use two different cards during the checkout process. This process can be customized to allow for an even split of payment or specific totals per card. 
  10. Pre Checkout / Shopping Cart Upsell 
    Did you know that a targeted pre-checkout upsell could increase your per-order value by as much as 40%? It’s most effective when you can make the buyer believe that you’re offering them a great value or that the products you’re upselling are a perfect match for what they already ordered. We can install this functionality on any 3D Cart platform.
  11. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Powered SEO / Content Marketing 
    Content marketing and SEO is extremely competitive in today’s world. Do you want to jump ahead and compete smarter, faster and more efficiently? If so, you should read this article on E-commerce SEO.

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