Ten things to consider when choosing a campus for your tertiary studies include:


  1. The quality of lecturers, class size and learning support – personal attention can greatly affect the quality and depth of your learning
  2. Whether the campus has global links or networks that offer opportunities to learn from a global viewpoint and become an active global citizen
  3. If a campus offers an entrepreneurial viewpoint and teaches you to be adaptable and entrepreneurially-minded in your future career
  4. If the university offers inter-disciplinary degrees and programmes that give rounded or flexible academic learning programmes
  5. Whether the social experience on campus will offer you the opportunity to engage with a variety of different individuals and nationalities, enhancing your cultural learning
  6. If the campus has good graduate prospects which will grant the opportunity to participate in internships and learnerships that expose you to the working world
  7. If a campus has interactive Community Engagement programmes which encourage volunteering, these enhance leadership, project management and time management skills, while making a difference in a local community
  8. Whether or not there are support services which include counselling, academic and learning support, skills development as well as support for students with special needs.
  9. Beyond the academic programme, whether or not the institute will assist you to gain the appropriate knowledge and work readiness skills that can be applied in a variety of organisational settings including the corporate, government and non-profit sectors
  10. Whether students are provided with the tools to understand the issues affecting contemporary business challenges. Your degree should allow you to comprehend, critically evaluate and interpret the workings of global business and doing business in Africa.


For more information on Monash South Africa visit www.msa.ac.za

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