If you have heard it once, you have heard it a million times: stress is a killer. There are many diseases and debilitating conditions associated with stress. Many individuals find that their heightened stress levels result in issues ranging from heart disease or asthma to premature aging and gastrointestinal problems. There are a variety of ways to diminish stress levels and while stress cannot be “cured”, it can be managed. Health professionals suggest different ways of managing stress levels. This may include exercise, ensuring you get enough sleep, practising meditation, therapy and avoiding stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.


Your environment plays a big role in your daily stress levels too. For many people the idea that a tidy home or workspace makes for a tidy mind rings true. In fact, a study at the University of California found that women who claimed to be living in a messy home had higher levels of the hormone cortisol in their systems. And, cortisol is the stress hormone. Creating an environment that is optimised for your happiness might sound silly but there is enough information around that underpins that it is imperative you attempt to do just that.


From a young age we have all been taught that our bedrooms are our personal space. Parents often decorate their children’s bedroom to reflect their little one’s personality. So from a young age, we know that the bedroom can truly reflect our nature. And, as adults it is important that we create a sanctuary in which to just relax. Considering it is also where we sleep it is beneficial to have a bedroom that encourages restfulness.


There are many things to factor in when considering a revamp of your bedroom to inspire a stress-free sanctuary. You must consider what you like and enjoy. However,  if your favourite colour is a shade of burgundy red, you are going to struggle to create a relaxed space by including that colour in the space. You must look at choosing a colour palette that encourages peace and calm. A quick online search for the colour wheel used in colour psychology will return results that can help you find a collection of colours to include in your bedroom that are appropriate while still in line with your taste. If you are dead set on including a particularly vibrant and energetic colour in your bedroom you might consider creating a feature wall as opposed to painting your entire bedroom in tangerine, which is likely to keep you awake.


Here are three easy ways to create a bedroom that is an oasis of calm:


Wrap yourself in happiness

Your bedding is so important. If your duvet covers and pillow slips are old or outdated then replace them and choose new ones carefully. There are a variety of different types of bedding sets you can consider when shopping around. It is no longer simply about aesthetics. Of course, choose duvet covers, pillow slips, sheets and throws that work with your chosen colour scheme but also consider comfort. Make an effort to understand thread count and the difference between the likes of Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton as well as the different weaves such as percale, flannel and sateen. In this way you can decide exactly how you want to feel when snuggled up in bed. This is particularly important in the warmer months when you might just use a sheet instead of a duvet cover. If you do use a duvet, then you are likely opting for a lightweight one that will allow you to remain cool. Ultimately, the idea and actual action of getting into bed should bring you joy. Something you look forward to at the end of each day.


Secure your privacy

How you treat your windows has a big impact on your bedroom. Any glaring morning sunlight will completely disturb your sleep (unless you are someone who specifically wants to wake up with the sun each morning). If you have trouble sleeping you should consider investing in total blackout blinds or curtains. Alternatively you could consider having curtains made that are thick and draped. These look incredibly plush and beautiful, especially if you are working towards a romantic style in your bedroom. Choosing curtains that make a statement will mean that you need fewer decorative pieces on your walls or bedside tables. If you prefer the neatness and simplicity of blinds then consider ones that are wooden as they have an organic look and feel. They look warmer and more relaxed. Also, you can manipulate the amount of light you want to allow through.


Warm lighting, warm bedroom

In the bedroom avoid overhead lighting. It is simply too bright, very unflattering and it won’t relax you. Rather opt for small lamps around the bedroom that offer a warmer light and that highlight different areas in your space. Make sure you use yellow coloured light bulb, and nowadays you can even buy the energy-saving bulbs in a yellow colour. Avoid fluorescent lighting at all costs as it will only keep you awake.

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