We all want to save money. We all want to have cash in case of an emergency or funds saved for retirement so we don’t have to stress about what could happen in the future. We all want to put money aside. But it’s not always easy. Many people live from one paycheque to another and find it difficult to put money aside every month and still have enough to live off of. And other people may be saving but just not saving enough.


The biggest way you can save money is to simply spend less. Yes, it sounds like a joke but it’s not as hard as you may think it is. There are areas in your life where you can cut expenses. You may save only a little bit of money on each thing but it all adds up at the end of the month. If you need some guidance on cutting expenses, here are six things you can spend less money on.



You don’t realise how much you spend per a month on entertainment until you start tracking your spending. You probably don’t think twice about meeting a friend for coffee because it’s only coffee and not a meal. But what about that piece of cake? And the petrol it costs to get there? It all adds up. You may think you don’t spend much on entertainment but when you take a closer look you’ll see how wrong you’ve been.

Now you may be thinking that you hardly ever go out and you don’t want to limit your social life even more. But the thing is that you don’t have to give up having fun by spending less on entertainment. Just cut out that one meal out with friends and invite them over for dinner instead. And, to avoid all the costs of dinner, ask each person to bring a dish and whatever they’re drinking. That way you only have to prepare one thing and it won’t cost nearly as much as an evening out at a nice restaurant. By making simple changes like this, you can save money while still enjoying your life.  



You probably need a car if you don’t live around the corner from work or have access to reliable public transport. But just because it’s a necessity it doesn’t mean you can’t save money when you have to buy one. Many people believe that the more you spend on a car, the longer it will last and the less money you’ll have to spend to repair it. But this isn’t always the case. You can often find cheap cars for sale in Gauteng (or other major cities) that are reliable as well as cost effective. They may not look as good as the latest model or have a great sound system but they’ll do the job.

There are loads of options when looking for a cheap car. For example, if you’re in Johannesburg, look at cheap demo cars for sale in Gauteng. And if you have the time to spare, search for cars for sale in Gauteng at auctions. So, whether you want a new car or a second-hand car, there are many different routes you can go.



Yes, you need a place to live. You need a safe place you can come home to every day. And that costs money, whether you want to be a homeowner or simply rent a place. But it doesn’t need to cost as much as you think it does. There are always ways to spend less when looking for a new place to live.

For one thing, you don’t have to live in the most expensive neighbourhood. There’s no reason you have to live in town, down the road from all the coolest restaurants. You can choose to move into a place that’s in a neighbourhood away from the city centre where property prices are cheaper. You want to find a safe place to live but it doesn’t need to be fancy. You don’t need a guest bedroom, a big garden or the latest, trendiest furnishings.



Yes, you may have a car but that doesn’t mean you need to use it all the time. There are other options. If you have access to reliable public transport then you should use it. Train and bus tickets cost a lot less than petrol and there won’t be any wear and tear on your vehicle. And if you live close to your office, you can use the opportunity to get some exercise. Cycling or walking to work every day will save you money as well as give you a bit of a work out.

At the end of the day, there are always ways to save money. You just need to think carefully about every cent you spend. Tracking your spending with an app that’s linked to your bank account can make all the difference. Once you see how much you’re spending in every area of your life, you’ll notice where you can save.

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