With the festive season in full swing, people are giving into the fever!


The holidays are a busy time for many businesses, and let’s face it, there’s lots of excitement in the air as well… The holidays can be a happy (and distracting) time. As you try to juggle partying, shopping, cooking, planning, travelling and actually working, there’s a good chance of you losing focus and momentum in the office.


Keeping morale and productivity high in the office during the holiday season can be a tough task. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some tips from King Price CEO, Gideon Galloway, to help you achieve a king-worthy end of year:


Have a plan. Get your tasks and projects out of your head and onto paper (or into an app). Once you can see all your commitments and ‘want-to-dos’, rank them in order of importance and get going. Remember: a goal without a plan is just a wish.


Have fun in the office. Create a festive, happy work environment… Because it doesn’t feel like work when it’s fun, right? Being positive can make a big difference to your performance. Take ownership of your work to help you feel like you’re in charge of your career. Your bosses will notice!


Relax. This doesn’t mean don’t do any work! It means be wary of adding extra worries to this already stressful time. Use the quieter moments to remind yourself of your company’s fundamental purpose, and your short- and long-term goals. And while you’re at it, set some new goals… Let your inspired excitement and drive be contagious.


Keep focused on what’s important. If it can wait, let it… Get the major things out of the way first. Things don’t always happen as planned. So, be open to going with the flow every once in a while; this eases tension and keeps productivity up there. There are many ways to trim a tree, so find the way that best suits you!


Take what you do seriously, but not yourself. Decorating your workspace can be a great morale booster, so add some tinsel and twinkly lights. Don’t keep your festive cheer to yourself… Sharing and spontaneity are important elements of fun. So have lunch with your team, bring some sugar cookies to work, or dress up in a bright wig. Your options are endless!


Because the festive season should be about thriving, not just surviving. Happy holidays!

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