It might not be easy for you to make the decision to send your child to boarding school. You could be sending them there because it’s an excellent school with good morals and values but you live far away and can’t travel the distance to school every day. Or you could be doing it because you believe your child will learn discipline, independence and structure. Whatever the reason, your child will benefit from boarding school.


Benefits of boarding school

Boarding school will help your child with their social skills. They’ll be around other children every day. Which means they’ll learn to share space with other people.

They’ll also learn to be versatile and deal with people from different backgrounds. This particular skill will help them in life because wherever they end up working, they’ll come across people from all walks of life.

Boarding school will help them become more independent. As a parent you won’t be there to chase them around and check if they’ve done their homework or not. They’ll learn responsibility because if they don’t meet certain deadlines, they’ll get into trouble.

Here are a few things your child will need if you’re sending them to boarding school.



You need to invest in a lamp for your child to use in their room because there’ll be times when they can’t turn on the lights because they don’t want to disturb their roommate.

Your child will need a desk light when they’re studying late into the night. Or when they want read a novel or magazine. Your child may also need to have the extra light for watching movies or spending time playing games and relaxing by using their laptop. And a lamp could help give them enough light for their eyes not to take strain.


Duvet covers, pillow cases and sheets

They’ll need a variety of bedding sets for the term. Depending on how messy or neat your child is, they many need to change their bedding sets often. They‘ll be eating, drinking and lying on top of their beds and their duvet covers could get dirty pretty quickly. They’ll also need blankets for the cold winter months.

They’ll also need a set of washing cloths and bath towels. When they have dirty clothes, they’ll need a laundry bag to stock all their dirty clothes. Your child can always use an old pillowcase as a makeshift laundry bag.



Your child will have to research and finish projects from their room. Schools don’t provide a 24-hour library and your child may be given homework that they need to finish at home, which means they could need a laptop or tablet. The internet also offers past papers and other vital information that could help your child during tests.



Books will be good for them. Not only will books fill your child with knowledge and wisdom, but they’ll keep your child entertained when they are bored after school and when they have nothing to do during the weekend. And children at school usually swap books around.

They can also bring games to play, such as monopoly, scrabble,  20 seconds and cards. They’ll have a lot of free time and will often be bored. If they have board games, it’ll give them something to do.



Not all children can study with earphones in, but for some it makes them concentrate more. And they might need to block out the noise and music from other students.


Alarm clock

Most children aren’t disciplined enough to wake up on their own and could end up being late for classes because they woke up late. If they have an alarm clock, it will wake them up and they can be at school on time. Or they could use the alarm on their phone.



They’ll also need clothes to change into after school. And pyjamas and a gown.



Whether your child is a weekly or monthly border, you have to buy them  groceries, even though the school will provide meals throughout the day. They’ll need snacks. You can give them two-minute noodles and treats. They’ll also need basics, such as toothpaste and bath soaps.



Help them stock up on enough pens, pencils and rulers for them to use the term.


Mark everything

As a parent, you need to carefully mark your children’s clothes so that they aren’t stolen or  mixed up with someone else things when they’re doing laundry. Everything needs to be marked, even their sheets.


Boarding school is good for a child because it helps them develop the skills they’ll use throughout their entire lives. They’ll learn to adapt to different environments quickly and become flexible. If they have everything they need for their stay at boarding school, they’ll be productive and prepared for everything that comes their way.

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