Almond Milk is on its way to being South Africa’s preferred milk substitute, mirroring global sales of this non-dairy alternative.


Almond milk has seen strong growth and increased innovation, with health and sustainability concerns helping to drive the growth of almond milk in South Africa, says Almond Breeze South Africa Country Manager, Marcus Peil.


“We are experiencing an unprecedented growth in Almond Breeze sales, as South Africans join their global counterparts in enjoying the healthy benefits and great taste of almond milk. We are also seeing a huge upswing in vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, in line with current health and wellness trends,” Peil says.


Launched in SA in late 2015, Almond Breeze is now available at supermarkets and coffee shops country wide, and has been the leading almond milk in the United States for over a decade.


In fact, a recent Global Health and Wellness Survey by market research firm Nielsen has shown that sales of almond milk in the States totaled more than $894.6 million last year, growing more than 250% since 2010.  The report also noted that consumers rated back-to-basics food attributes like “all natural,” “no artificial colours or flavours” and “made from vegetables or fruits” the most important.


Almond milk is a great alternative for people looking to live a healthier lifestyle, without comprising on taste. Almond Breeze is lactose-free, low in calories, packed with calcium, vitamin D and E, and is also suitable for people with dairy allergies.


“As almond milk contains no cholesterol, it is also recommended for people suffering from heart disease or high cholesterol and our Almond Breeze Unsweetened variant has no added sugar making it a suitable option for health conscious consumers and diabetes sufferers.”

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