We have been running for four years, producing theatre productions, children’s theatre, children’s CDs, 3D animation episodes, radio short stories and a series of therapeutic stories for children.

The writings of Anna Emm form the backbone of this company, and the magic of Anna Emm Productions lies in the dedicated production team who believes in the vision and brings these stories to life one by one!

Please visit our website for more information about our productions. www.annaemm.co.za


The story teller



Scriptwriter, producer, director, MD… Anna Emm was born in Bloemfontein, into a household obsessed with the arts!


“My father used to come and fetch us from school to take us to films of stage productions, and then take us back afterwards! Where other children got “Barbies” for Christmas, we received prize winning books, sculptures and original paintings. Actors, writers, musicians and artists were regular quests in our home, and we traveled a lot to visit art museums.”

Anna wrote her first story at the age of 5, and never stopped.

“I always knew I wanted to be a writer, but my Grade 5 teacher told me that writing is a hobby and that I needed to get rid of the idea that I could do it for a living. It was only after many years that I discovered it was not as much the writing, as it was the stories. I am haunted by stories! Everything I am and think and feel, is an accumulation of the movies I have seen, the books I have read and the theatre productions I have sat through. I am forever writing stories in my head, and everyone I meet sooner or later forms part of a great big plot!”

After studying education for three years, Anna went to teach Grade 2 students at a previously disadvantaged school.

“I was a terrible teacher! We just read stories all the time. But that was where I realised the enormous effect a story can have on a burnt-out, broken soul. We read Roald Dahl and Dr Seuz and everything else I could find. And when we had finally worked our way through the school library, I started writing my own stories to read to those kids. I watched the stories heal them, relax them, nourish them, inspire them… And finally it managed to separate them from their hopeless lives and made them believe that there is beauty in the world, and that they can become anything they want! That was it for me. I knew then that, succeeding or not, I needed to strive to find a way to create stories for the rest of my life!”

In 2004 Anna received an invitation to write and direct for the television program, “Soeklig Gastehuis” for SABC2. That was where valuable production experience was gained, and where she met up with the likes of people like Chante Hinds and Regardt van der Bergh. After “Soeklig Gastehuis” she wrote and directed some episodes for “In Pas” for kykNET.

In 2004 Anna started writing and producing her own productions, launching Anna Emm Productions with the one-man cabaret, “The Rag Doll”. The show was such a success with audiences that she never looked back.

“I believe in the power of stories. I believe that stories have the power to uplift, to inspire, to nourish, to heal, and to motivate people like nothing else on earth! A great story has the same effect on a person’s soul as a foot massage! It is my dream to establish a company that will be a source of such stories, and to distribute them one by one onto a world so in need of beauty!”

Anna Emm is married to composer and animation artist, Stefan van der Vyver. She is mother to an 8-year old girl, and they live in Plattekloof, Cape Town.

Vita stories for kids


What PARENTS should know about Vita Stories

Are you concerned that modern day issues might have a negative effect on your child’s emotional development? Do you feel you need some assistance in talking to your child about these issues, but you don’t know where to begin? Or are you just looking for positive, wholesome stories to feed your child’s imagination?

Then subscribe to VITA STORIES right now, and receive a new story every 2 weeks!

VITA STORIES is a series of stories addressing certain issues your child comes in contact with on a daily bases. You child might have questions about things like divorce, bullies, or a new baby in the family. Whether we like it or not, our children are exposed to so many issues on television or in school, that we did not have to deal with when we were their age. To help them process these issues in a positive way, and to assist you as parent in having meaningful conversations with your child about these things, we have developed this series of 24 brand new stories!

Every VITA STORIES issue includes (1) a story to read to your child, (2) some questions your can ask your child about the story, (3) background information about the issue addressed in the story, and (4) a colouring activity for your child. Once you have subscribed to VITA STORIES, you will receive a new issue every two weeks in the form of a newsletter, either via email or via post. These stories can be collected, saved in a file, and read over and over again!

Start enjoying some quality time with your child right now, from as little a R55 per month!


To subscribe or purchase VITA STORIES visit our website at www.annaemm.co.za


What THERAPISTS should know about Vita Stories

Therapists, psychologists, teachers, counsellors and social workers know and understand the value of stories in the treatment of children. Up to now it has been almost impossible to find quality stories which specifically address the issues these children struggle with. Most therapists have been ordering stories from other countries at extremely high prices. These stories are often very difficult to translate, not really relevant for all children, and out of date.

We are receiving AMAZING feedback from therapists who have bought the VITA STORIES series! These stories are the right length, spot-on for the age group 4 to 9, light and entertaining, and yet sensitive in addressing relevant issues. The colouring activity complements each story and gives the child something to do while listening. The researched that went into creating the VITA STORIES series is fresh and updated, and the stories are a valuable, long awaited tool to be used in when working with children.

You can now subscribe to VITA STORIES from as little as R55 per month, and receive a new issue every two weeks to start building your collection. If you don’t want to subscribe, you can also buy the stories as a set. This will cost you a bit more, but you will receive all 24 stories at the same time and can start using them immediately.

To subscribe or purchase VITA STORIES visit our website at www.annaemm.co.za


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