Black Coffee has announced that he has invested in tech company HyperionDev. Currently the largest tech education provider in Southern Africa, HyperionDev is backed by both Facebook and Google, and has already trained, supported and successfully placed learners from over 40 countries into tech roles. HyperionDev’s efforts to bring tech skills to those without reliable internet access won it the 2016 Facebook Innovation Challenge Award.

Stats SA has published the latest unemployment numbers for the third quarter of 2020, providing a clearer indication of how the national lockdown hammered jobs in South Africa. Unemployment increased substantially by 2.2 million (52.1%) to 6.5 million, compared to the second quarter of 2020.

COVID-19 has shown us the precariousness of the job market and our reliance on technology to keep businesses open. The pandemic has been a catalyst for much-needed digital transformations in companies in a desperate attempt to enable their workforce to be more resilient to disruptions and work remotely. 

Tech jobs have been in demand for years and as the latest Career Junction Index shows, tech roles remain top of the list – Software development leading the charge in the September 2020 Index. Globally, there are currently millions of jobs in software engineering and these job opportunities are projected to grow even further, meaning by 2030, millions of tech jobs will be added.


Black Coffee says “We need to start figuring things out, and I believe that tech education is the way forward. Closing the skills gap will assist the economy and the only way to do that is looking at things the non-traditional way. The tech space is giving the youth opportunities for them to compete in the global scale and I am very proud to be venturing into business with a company that is proactive in finding ways to create jobs for the youth of this country”.

The HyperionDev coding bootcamps are SAQA aligned but do not require students to have any experience in programming, coding languages or any other higher learning experience.  To provide improved access and affordability for everyone, HyperionDev is offering up to 40% off their bootcamps this November. Valid for studies with a start date at any point from November until March 2021.

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