Many entrepreneurs are being overwhelmed with information and panic. In the age of information overload, a crisis like this exasperates this. Unreliable information overload is particularly problematic because we know typical information overload often results in no action at all. So, access to reliable information is as critical as a relevant summary of the steps to be taken now. 

Here are some steps we recommend during this most uncertain time (in recent history):

  1. Assess whether any of your staff are infected. Develop a remote working and self -isolation plan. Let us not forget that this is scary and that we should apply much-needed empathy.
  2. Develop a strategy around event attendance, travel and receiving visitors (if you remain open and operational from your business premises).
  3. When implementing remote working, ensure that data security measures are in place and that there are mechanisms for communication that is accessible to all. It is equally important to physical health to distance while maintaining connection and high morale. 
  4. If you remain open and operational at the business premises, implement hygiene routines and ensure that they are strictly followed. Implement and maintain hygiene routines at home too.
  5. Assess how any supply chain disruption will affect you – remember everyone must eat and have access to medical supplies etc. So this is not exclusive to businesses in the buying and selling of goods only. 
  6. Check insurance policies and understand what you are and are not covered.
  7. Ensure staff are trained adequately and that they understand the HR policies, including any new measures not previously updated.

We will continue to produce tips to support entrepreneurs in these difficult times. 

Issued by Schoeman Law inc

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