Dr Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behaviour and the author of 10 bestselling self-help books.

He is the founder of the Demartini Foundation in the US and in South Africa and has featured in many documentaries, including The Secret and Oh My God with Hugh Jackman.

As a gifted speaker, he has addressed audiences of some of the world’s most influential people.  He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education foundation with a curriculum of over 72 courses, covering multiple aspects of human development.

His trademarked scientific methodology, which he teaches across the world, is called the Demartini Method™.  It is the culmination of 38 years of cross-disciplinary research and study which resolves any emotional issue, turning emotional victims into masters of their destiny in a matter of hours.

He has advanced thousands of lives all over the world including many South Africans.  He has given his time to work with SA’s prisoners and police service, giving them hope and boosting morale. He also teaches a course called: Young Adults Inspired Destiny – to underprivileged students across SA schools and Universities. www.drdemartini.com.

If you delve into the lives of the most successful people on earth, down through the ages, you will usually find one common denominator.  They have all endured some form of extreme hardship, either physically, mentally or circumstantially, in their earlier years.

In the case of well-known human behavioral specialist and author, Dr John Demartini, it was all three.  He is a classic example of extreme opposites – excessive adversity and proportionate success.


John was born on Thanksgiving Day in 1954 with seemingly little for which to be thankful for.  He had a leg and hand deformity that imprisoned him in braces for the first few years of his life, not unlike the film character ‘Forrest Gump’. He was also dyslexic and would not learn to read or write until he was 18 years old.

“When I came out of leg and arm braces, I ran everywhere with my new found physical liberation,” says Demartini.

At age 7, his first grade teacher announced, in front of him, to his parents that he had a learning disability and that he would never read, write, communicate, never amount to anything, nor go very far in life. How wrong his teacher would prove to be.

“I was made to wear a dunce hat and sit in the back corner of the classroom,” he remembers.

Aged 14, uninspired by academics and tired of being bullied, he quit school.  He left home, with his parents blessing, and headed for California and Hawaii to fulfill his enthusiasm for surfing.


The next four years of Demartini’s life were a blend of homelessness, panhandling to survive, drugs, alcohol and surfing, but he had two profound experiences during this surfing phase which were to shape the rest of his life.

“On my way to California, I met a man on the streets, who offered me some wisdom. He encouraged me to learn to read and gave me advice that was to form the foundation of my future vision and teachings – that ‘wisdom and love’ are the only two things that no one can ever take away from you.”

The second experience was when he nearly died from strychnine poisoning from eating the seeds from the Hawaiian Baby Wodrose, a plant that contains a compound that makes everything look more ‘colourful’. But the seeds were covered by a coat of fuzz that’s made up of a chemical much like strychnine.

Lucky to be alive and as part of his recovery he attended a free yoga class where an elderly man named Paul Bragg, a well-known naturopath who revolutionised the American health industry, was giving a special presentation. At the end of the Yoga class, Bragg instructed all his students to close their eyes as he took them through a meditation intended to reveal their purpose. It was here that John’s life took on a whole new meaning and direction.

“He changed my life and did so by drawing out of me a profound and inspiring vision.  Bragg taught me that when you can see it, you can be it. He gave me an adage to say to myself each day: ‘I am a genius and I apply my wisdom’. “He said if you constantly repeat this to yourself, your body will eventually tingle with it and so will the world.  I  have not missed a day since.”

Still unable to read or write, Demartini made the decision to dedicate his life to the study of universal laws as they relate to health and human consciousness with the intention to awaken human fulfillment and potential. He decided then and there that he was going to be a teacher, healer and a philosopher.


Inspired, Demartini picked up his surf board and headed home to Texas. There he had to confront his greatest obstacle; literacy.  Months of studying a dictionary and being tested 30 words a day by his mother, he eventually conquered his dyslexia. Before he could enroll himself in a learning institution, he first needed to pass a high school equivalency test and then a college entrance exam, which he passed by guessing.

From that time until today, Demartini practically lived in a library and immersed himself in text books, one of which was on cosmology. This led him to an interest in astronomy, unfolding into physics, then metaphysics, theology, mythology and anthropology until eventually his insatiable interest took him through the studies of over 260 disciplines.

At the age of 18 he read a book by the philosopher Gottfried Wilheim Leibniz titled ‘Discourse on Metaphysics’.  In the first chapter Leibniz spoke about what he called the ‘Divine Perfection, Love and Order’.  Leibniz said that few people ever came to experience this highly ordered awareness, but those who did have their lives changed forever. This idea further inspired Demartini to set out on a quest to find a way of helping himself and others discover and experience this underlying divine order that Leibniz spoke of.

Today, we now know that Demartini did master a way which is called The Demartini Method®.

After graduating from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science Degree, he enrolled to study Chiropractic at the Texas Chiropractic College where his name was recorded in the ‘Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges’. He was also awarded ‘International Man of Achievement’ and graduated in 1982 with magna cum laude, earning a Special Achievement award in Clinical Practice.

He recalls sitting in class one day and overhearing a fellow student saying to another: “That Demartini is a friggin’ genius.”  He remembered the dunce hat and his grade one teacher’s disparaging words with renewed understanding and appreciation.


Demartini opened his first chiropractic office in 1982. Within four years the practice grew to five times its original size, adding five associate chiropractors and support staff members to become one of the largest chiropractic facilities in Houston.

At the pinnacle of its success, he sold his chiropractic practice in 1986 to dedicate his energies to speaking, teaching and consulting to other health professionals and entrepreneurs.


Dr John Demartini is now living his dream and actualising the vivid vision he once saw for himself when he was 18 years old. He spends 360 days a year travelling the world sharing his knowledge and inspiring others to clarify their purpose and live inspired and fulfilled lives.

Often asked where he lives, his answer is rather unconventional, yet completely accurate:

“The universe is my playground. The world is my home. Every country is another room in the house and every city is a platform where I can share my heart and soul.”

As a gifted speaker, he has addressed audiences of some of the world’s most influential people.  He has shared the stage with other great speakers such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Donald Trump. He has featured in many documentaries, including The Secret and Oh My God with a host of celebrities including Hugh Jackman, Ringo Starr and Bob Geldhof.

He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education foundation based in Houston and Johannesburg.  It houses a curriculum of over 72 courses, teaching multiple aspects of human development. His wisdom has been documented into 40 self-development books, ten of them currently available commercially and many of them bestsellers.

His unique and trademarked Demartini Method®, which is the result of 38 years of cross-disciplinary research into human behaviour, is profoundly changing peoples’ lives across the world.  It challenges one-sided thinking, replacing it with a balanced perspective that dissolves any deep-seated emotional issue within a matter of hours.

Dr Demartini personally teaches people how to use the Demartini Method® in his signature two-day programme called The Breakthrough Experience® which he presents nearly every weekend in different parts of the world. Today, many trained Demartini Method® Facilitators, health professionals and psychologists are using this method in their fields of personal and professional development.


In South Africa, he has donated his time to work with prisoners and the SA police service, giving them hope and boosting morale. He also teaches a course called Young Adults Inspired Destiny to underprivileged students across SA schools and Universities. His latest cause is ongoing, practical study advice to SA’s Matric students, broadcast through the SABC.


Demartini says challenges help us to grow. “If you have no challenges in life, you will probably stay playing small.” It would appear that he had more than enough challenges to make him grow. He has gone from a physically handicapped, learning disabled, beach ‘bum’ to one of the world’s greatest teachers, most respected intellects, accomplished authors, sought-after speakers and valued business consultants.

Demartini believes challenges help us to grow and says: “If you have no challenges in life, you will stay playing small.”

His story makes it easier to envisage how challenges and adversity are a blessing and can be the catalyst for extreme success. Now Demartini’s biggest challenge is time, not having enough of it.

“It concerns me that I may run out of it before all my dreams have been realised.”


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