GrandWest is one of the first of Sun International’s South African casinos to introduce the Group’s new wide area progressive jackpot, The Lion’s Share. GrandWest’s 40 Lion’s Share machines went live on 23 November 2016.


The introduction of The Lion’s Share is buoyed by the spectacular and ongoing success of Sun International’s wide area progressive jackpots, SunStriker and Duma. The Lion’s Share, designed exclusively for Sun International by Simplicit-e Gaming Solutions, will be introduced at seven of Sun International’s 12 casinos countrywide by the first week of December 2016.


These include GrandWest (Western Cape); Carnival City (Gauteng), Sibaya (KwaZulu-Natal), Flamingo (Kimberley), Meropa (Limpopo), Windmill (Free State) and Wild Coast Sun (Eastern Cape). The Lion’s Share will go live at the rest of Sun International’s South African casino properties in early 2017.


Sun International Group Slots Manager, Bianco Marini, says: “Sun International is the only casino group in South Africa that has wide area linked progressive jackpot machines across most of its properties. Our existing wide area progressive jackpots, Duma and SunStriker, are amongst the most popular and the most played slots games in the country and we wanted to give our customers more of what they really enjoy. The Lion’s Share promise chances to win more often. With Lion’s Share banks linked across the country, the jackpots increase rapidly.”


The Lion’s Share is an African themed slot game which has three levels of progressive jackpots and a host of new and funky twists to keep players on the edge of their seats. These include free games, wild symbols, stacked symbols and last but not least, The Lion’s Share feature. This feature has two stages. In the first, the player wins a cash prize, or if they are lucky, the chance to proceed to stage two where they are guaranteed to win one of three jackpots.


The Cub Jackpot is the standard progressive jackpot with a starting value of R2 500 and is linked across every Lion’s Share slot machine on the bank within each casino. The Queen Jackpot starts at R10 000 and is also across all Lion’s Share machines on the bank at each casino. When this jackpot pays to the lucky winner, everyone that is on the same bank and is actively playing a machine at the time as the jackpot is hit will win a Queen Jackpot Bonus pay-out. The Bonus pay-out is a percentage of the Queen Jackpot and is divided equally between all the non-jackpot winners.


The King Jackpot starts at R75 000 and is linked via Sun International’s unique wide area technology across all The Lion’s Share machines across participating South African casinos. This means that players across South Africa compete and contribute to the growing jackpot as they play The Lion’s Share. In a world first, The Lion’s Share boasts a Bonus Pot which starts off at R25 000 and grows until a lucky player wins the King Jackpot, playing a bet of R10. When this happens, the lucky player wins the King Jackpot as well as all the money in the Bonus Pot.


“This is what we call winning The Lion’s Share,” says Marini.


According to Marini, Sun International commissioned award winning musician, singer and songwriter Daniel Baron to produce the theme song for The Lion’s Share, as well as game sounds.


“As The Lion’s Share is an African themed game, we wanted an artist who hails from Africa and understands the culture and music. He hit the nail on the head with his song, ‘Beshesha’, which means agile, like a lion. This exceptional song will resound across all participating casinos when the King Jackpot and Lion’s Share are hit. When the Cub and Queen jackpots are struck, a shortened version of the song will play on the specific bank. We cannot wait to hear the song filling the air, hailing a lucky Lion’s Share jackpot,” concludes Marini.


Sun International proudly supports the National Responsible Gambling Programme. Gambling is for persons 18 years and older. Winners know when to stop. National Responsible Gambling Toll-free Counseling Line 0800 006 008. Sun International Casinos are licensed casinos

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