With some provinces using over 59 million litres of water over the restricted amount each day, it is clear that not everyone has heard the cry to save water. The City of Cape Town has recently announced that the province would be on level 3b restrictions as the battle to save water continues. With this announcement in Cape Town, hansgrohe an innovator in technology, design and sustainability in the sanitation sector has taken it upon itself to educate and urge South Africans to use water more efficiently and work together in making sure we combat the crisis.


Hansgrohe has compiled six easy ways to be water savvy at home:

1. Look for any hidden leaks by reading your meter before and after an hour. If there’s a difference between the two readings then that means your home has undetected leaks which need to be repaired immediately.


2. In addition to watering your garden with grey water (i.e. used bath and laundry water), also wash your car and pets on an area of the lawn that needs watering, using a bucket.


3. If you are renovating or building a new home, installing eco-smart technology is one of the best ways to save water. The hansgrohe Rainmaker Select 460 1 jet overhead shower which mixes air into the water to limit water use to 9 litres per minute is one example of this. The average household shower expels approximately 15 litres of water per minute.


4. Showers are always better than baths. When showering it is advised that you switch off your shower when soaping up and then switching it back on when rinsing. This further minimises time taken in the shower, therefore saving water even when using a water efficient shower head such as the hansgrohe Crometta 85 Green, which adjusts the maximum flow rate to 6 litres per minute.


Those who have evaporative aircons in their homes, switch the AC to “fan only” at night and for two hours during the day. Evaporative aircons use around 60 – 100 litres of water per hour. By changing to “fan only” at night you will see a big difference in your water use and in your pocket.


5. Businesses are also encouraged to educate staff, tenants and customers about this crisis. Set up water saving rules and encourage everyone to do their bit and report any tap and toilet leaks to maintenance. This will help save up to 10% on water rates. 


“With water being cheap and easily accessible, we as South Africans take it for granted, rather than a scarce yet vital resource.” Says Simon Gear, an environmental analyst, “Once this shift in perception happens, we are likely to see far more consumers making their home’s water supply more eco-friendly.”


David Cooper, Managing Director of hansgrohe South Africa, concludes that making sure your house is geared to use water as economically as possible is an excellent starting point to becoming water wise. “It will stand you in very good stead both as a committed social citizen and as a cost-savvy consumer.”


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