Did you know that you should be building a personal brand model? Do you want to hear how to do that? Swedish co-author of ”Brand me” is a special guest speaker at AWIEF where she will share a masterclass on the subject.


Join us for an exciting opportunity to hear from a top global advisor on personal and business marketing strategy and the Brand Flight theory, predominantly featuring how your personal brand and business brand need to be cohesive for optimum success. 


Join us at the African Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum at the Century City Convention Centre between the 5-6 October 2017


Annette will make herself available for interviews on request, please contact Michelle directly (0825564574) to schedule an appointment between Wednesday 4th October – Friday 6th october



Lead yourself and business with your personal brand

Having a clear vision about what you stand for as a person is not only important for yourself but also for your business, especially if you have a leadership role. The clearer you are as a person and relaxed about yourself, the better you will be as a leader. When defining and using the strength of your personal brand, your can more easily lead others, since you are strong in your own position and can focus on the company and others.


Today we have to make thousands of small and big decisions both as individuals and as leaders. It’s an ongoing process. We have to make it easier for ourselves. If you have done the personal branding work and and know exactly what you stand for, you can much easier make decisons intuitively, says Annette Rosencreutz, brand strategist and coach for personal branding. And they will be the right decisions. 


For a company this is of course good news, since it depends on good decisions by its people and definitely its leaders. As opposed to what many may think, it’s excellent for a company to have leaders who are strong brands themself. You may think that they will quit the company, but no, it’s the oppposite, they usually get even tighter with the company. And you as a person get a much better position. And if anyone would quit, its for the sake of the better, he or she would have left anyhow, only now they found out quicker that their values dont fit. 


When the company has taken the initiative to brand their leaders, there is a very benificial co-branding effect both for the indivudual and the company. You both strive for the same goal, you get a better individual position and can reach personal goals with the help of the company – and the company will benefit from having a dedicated leader who knows what the company is about, and have an ambition to make it more successful.


Annette Rosencreutz is working on an international basis with leadership and branding strategies for people and companies. She has a wealth of practical experience in personal branding strategy, stimulating growth and development both with people, organisations and entrepreneurial ventures. She has a long internatinal experience of working with entrepreneurs and leaders of organisations.


She is working with their Brandflight proprietory 4 D branding techniques across businesses and ventures of various size and areas such as growth, leadership strategy, launching, re-branding, start-up growth, customer experience, social media strategies etc. 


She has worked with many international companies, such as Vodafone, Ericsson, Airbus, Exxon, Sal Oppenheim/Deutsche Bank, Intralinks, Wolters Kluwer, etc. and a number of fast growing startups and entrepreneurial companies within tech and mobile, cultural institutions as well as the government of Sweden, Macedonia and Tblisi/Georgia. She is the CEO of Brandflight brand strategy consultancy and a director of the Medinge Group.





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