During the month of August, otherwise known as Women’s Month, SPICE4LIFE will be running a competition sponsored by L.Pinn and Co. in which one lucky reader can stand the chance to win a Shooting Star diamond pendant worth R40 000! In line with this, we decided to explore the meaning behind a shooting star and the symbolism it holds for many women. We asked the staff of Purely Local magazine as well as those within the Spice4Life offices to tell us what a shooting star means to them. These were their responses:


“Like the lyrics from Perry Como, “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away,” a shooting star means just that. Throughout history it is said that when you look up at the night sky and you see a shooting a star, you have to close your eyes and make a wish. A shooting star means that you have a chance to make all your dreams come true. Many movies have been made where young girls will make a wish when they see a shooting star. One of these movies is called ‘Wish upon a Star’, where a younger sister wishes to switch lives with her older, popular sister. Another example is ‘Stardust’, where a young man makes a promise to his beloved to retrieve a fallen star in their magical land. A shooting star is also known as a meteoroid entering the atmosphere. We see the visible path of the meteor, but we believe that this is a chance to make a single wish that can change our lives. Looking at all of these movies and singing along to songs that are about shooting stars, no wonder it is associated with dreams coming true. Even though I am in my 20’s, I still close my eyes and wish upon a star when seeing a shooting star sparkle across a dark night.“ – Julie from Purely Local


“Ever since I was little girl, I was told that when you see a shooting star you must make a wish, I never understood why but truly believed that all wishes made upon the star were granted.  Only when I got older and became more aware of the grace of God did a shooting star have a different meaning in my life. In the Old Testament Hebrew, the term ‘star’ referred to all heavenly bodies, except for the sun and moon. Stars are mainly connected with the light Christ brings, angels and leadership. Therefore, for me, a shooting star is a reminder of God’s existence. Wishes are like little prayers – every time one is lucky enough to see a shooting star, I believe they say a little prayer, disguised as wishes of course, to ask God for whatever they feel they need at the time. The moment one sees a shooting star, they will impulsively point at it and scream “Shooting star!” It’s important to keep that for later. The wish or prayer must come first for it to come true. The stars in general are stunning, but shooting stars give a certain glow to the night sky. Seeing one is more than just luck, it’s a blessing.” – Lelethu from Purely Local


“Oscar Pistorious….. ha ha (joke!!) It means that you are granted one wish and that wish should remain secret. The wish must remain secret (until granted). “Who said every wish would be heard and answered when wished on a star? Somebody thought of it, and someone believed it, and look what it’s done so far. What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing? What do we think we might see?” – Unknown” – Sharon from Spice4Life


“As a little girl, gazing up at the stars and dreaming about princesses and fairytales, across the glowing sky a sparkle of glittering magic soars, lighting up every inch of the galaxy, you close your eyes and make a wish, an innocent wish for true love.  A shooting star is a symbol of magic, dreams and wishes, the star symbolises hope – hope that your wishes will come true and you will live your fantasy. The shoe will fit, you will be awakened by true love’s first kiss and your carriage will not turn into a pumpkin at midnight. As that shooting star crosses your path, you are overwhelmed by the possibility of enchantment and allure, the fact that that star flew across your tracks and you noticed its natural beauty, makes you believe in the possibility of destiny. Shooting stars are the earth’s way of showing us organic beauty and charm, proving to us that we are part of something bigger, something mystical and something beyond our control. Shooting stars represent love and the possibility that you will find this unique soul mate just like you experienced this unique shooting star. To see a shooting star is to be exposed to heavenly wonders. Shooting stars are also known as gifts from the gods, proving their uniqueness and dreamlike implications. The shooting star has mesmerized individuals throughout the course of history as the star is seen scintillating through the night sky. Even today we have a ritual of making a wish upon a shooting star in the hope that spirituality will grant our wish. Whenever we make a wish upon a shooting star we are sharing the same wonder for divinity as did our ancient ancestors many, many centuries ago.”  – Romi from Purely Local


As humans, one thing is inevitable – “want” will always be present. The thing is, although want is generally associatedwith many negative attributes – such as insatiability – to want is not wrong. Want can mean ambition. Want can mean hard-work, and stopping at no cost toachieve the things you desire. To me, A shooting star is that kind of want – that hungry, determined, unstoppable want. The hope that lines every day wishes. Positivity, enthusiasm, and passion. It is waking up every day and looking for opportunity. It is doing your very best, and making your dreamscome true WITHOUT needing to make a wish.Jesse-Lee from SPICE4LIFE


“It is known that your dreams are more likely to come true if you gaze to the sky whilst wishing upon a falling star. Yes, this may in fact be an absurd mythical superstition and us trying to believe what we were told as young children, but it is worth believing in – you never know what will come of it. As a young girl, being told that wishing upon a star will land you in a magical princess castle, I am sure we were all wishing upon shooting stars every day. I believe that a shooting star symbolises your ultimate destiny; either something positive is going to happen in the near future or it is a good luck symbol for something that may happen. Wishing upon shooting stars is actually somewhat of a challenge, since they disappear almost as soon as one sees them, so don’t forget to have your wish ready at all times. Within saying this, you are lucky to see one as it is extremely rare to see one. I believe that shooting stars can also symbolise something that you often wish you had and, like love, shooting stars are rare. Although we will never know whether or not your wish may come true, in the meantime, why not just live a little and hope it does. “ – Shannon from Purely Local


“A shooting star, for me, acts as a reminder of the greatness we have yet to know and the vastness we have yet to discover. When I think of a shooting star, I think of Heaven, spirituality, God. I think of the people that have come and gone and the love and light they left behind. Sometimes, I think a shooting star may just be their way of saying: “I’m still here, I’m thinking of you, I love you and am waiting up here for you”. It’s not just thoughts that occur when I see a shooting star, but feelings too. Feelings of awe, wonder, and love. I’m not quite sure why I feel love, but I do. I guess its love for a Creator who has the ability to create something so beautiful and unique as a shooting star. He didn’t have to, but He did. Maybe He did it just to give us a show! Maybe He knew that we’d have some hopeless moments in our lives where all we would need to do would be to look up and see a shooting star in order for our hope to be renewed. Something I’m sure countless people have experienced. Maybe He thought He’d add one last extravagant touch to His already breathlessly stunning Creation. Maybe one day we will know. Yes, shooting stars sure are something. They are rare, but that is part of their beauty. They wouldn’t be so special if they were a more common occurrence.  Yet, despite their rarity, the majority of us still get to see at least one in our lifetime. We still get to glimpse the beauty, and feel the wonder and the hope. We still get to feel special. That’s definitely something.” – Samantha from Spice4Life


“A shooting star occurs daily, yet when one actually sees one it is considered to be a mysterious act of good luck and you can make a wish. This wish must be kept secret until it is granted and is an intimate act of connecting with the greater universe. There is a sense of awe to it as you are usually in an isolated place away from the pollution of the city that fogs up the sky, making it an unusual sight. The Ancients used to believe that these streaking lights falling from heaven were balls of fire that is ‘a gift from the gods’, and they believed that fire is the symbol for light, illumination and enlightenment. Although most of us do not believe that it means exactly this, it has mesmerized people across the globe for many ages. In a way, this connects us all. Shooting stars are, in a way, a symbol of hope – a sign that the universe is giving you the opportunity to change your life by making a simple wish. Shooting stars are also referred to as ‘falling stars’ and this symbolises the fact that the stars are coming down to earth. These ‘heavenly’ occurrences therefore join us on earth. Shooting stars are actually an illusion as, although they look like stars, they are really just pieces of rock or dust that hits the Earth’s atmosphere. They are actually called meteors by astronomers and most of these ‘shooting stars’ burn up before they reach Earth, although some do survive and reach us, which is then called a meteorite. This symbolises that only the strong will make it. They are all on a journey from space to earth but not all of them are strong or big enough to make the journey. The next time you wish upon a shooting star, think about the Ancients and what they believed, think about the journey it is making, and take in how magical and majestic the universe is. May all your wishes come true..“ – Tania from Purely Local


“A shooting star to me is about an opportunity or a reminder to stop and focus on something you really want, make a wish and then try with all your might to make it come true. If you make a wish, you are making a conscious effort to focus your energy on a specific want or need and if you actually say it out loud, there’s a possibility that you will make sure that it happens. Shooting stars give hope and I think it symbolises change as well. When I make a wish on a shooting star, I believe that there is something magical and mysterious about the big world out there and by making my wish I’m challenging myself to make a difference in my life and also feel that the universe allows us to.” – Tashneem from Spice4Life

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