Some helpful Samsung hints for the ultimate home-entertainment experience

The television has become a central part of the home entertainment experience and for many it is also a hub during the festive season. That’s why a TV makes an ideal present and to choose the best, you can keep the following in mind.

The first factor to consider is the size of the television you want to buy. A large TV for a small space will not provide the optimum entertainment experience and neither will purchasing a set with a screen too small for a big room. There needs to be an even balance between the size of the screen and the size of the room and it’s best to measure the area when choosing the optimal size.

Advances in technology and design have increased the ratio of how much screen space modern TVs have within each actual unit. The average TV is now 40 inches in size and this is largely driven by the thinner bezels of modern TVs. In the past, large screen TVs had a frame around the outside, but today these bezels are so thin that you can fit a 55 inch TV into an area that previously could only hold 46 inches.

“Your next step is to make sure that the viewing distance and the TV’s resolution quality are the correct match,” says Matthew Thackrah, Deputy MD and Head of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics SA. “It can be overwhelming if the screen is too big, so first take the distance from the TV to the sofa in metres and multiply this by 25 to get the requisite screen inches. A TV that is two metres from the sofa should be 50 inches in size, or if it is three metres away it should be 75 inches. If you cannot sit at least two to three metres away, it is time to upgrade otherwise it can cause visual discomfort.”

Thackrah says this measurement changes again if you are planning on buying the latest in SUHD technology, as the superior image quality and detail make it a far richer and more immersive experience. Therefore, instead of multiplying by 25 to get your inches, you need to multiply by 39. For a SUHD that is a distance of two metres it can go as large as 78 inches as it has an impressive pixel count that is four times denser than conventional HD TVs.

“The latest SUHD TV is an investment that will provide cutting-edge quality over the long term. Images are crystal clear to ensure the most captivating experience. Samsung has many different models of either curved or straight SUHD TVs to choose from and each incorporates cutting-edge design with the latest technology,” concludes Thackrah. “Choosing the right cut, curve, colour and size – of up to 88 inches – to suit your personal taste and complement your home will provide an entertainment companion for years to come.”

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