I love Gumtree. I have had many successful transactions on there and always had a good take up on my offerings. I have recently sold a bicycle, a rug, an amp and a table. My previous sales included a couch, a skateboard and a trampoline. We have also found on Gumtree a nanny, a mirror and rollerblades.

Lessons learnt along the way. Here are my guidelines to ‘newbies’ on the system.

  • Price is key. Your product has to be competitive and well-priced. See what others are selling a similar product for and match that or sell for slightly cheaper. The better the price the quicker you will sell the item.
  • Pictures are important. Make sure they are clear and in focus. You can add up to 12 pictures to your ad in their categories.  When advertising property, cars and electronic equipment buyers are more likely to view ads with pictures.
  • Create a good title. People search for items or services with the search function so be specific and clear in your description in the title.
  • Make it personal. To attract customers to read your ad tell your story, e.g. you are selling your bike because you are moving into a small apartment or your pram because your babies are all grown up. People love to hear the history of an item.
  • Be safe. Gumtree do provide advice regarding how consumers can trade safely. If you’re expecting cash in exchange for goods, make sure that the money has cleared in your bank account before you hand over the goods.
  • Leaders in sports gear. If you are buying or selling sports equipment, this is the place to do it. They have a wide range from golf clubs to surf boards and wet-suits.
  • Did you know? You can post a limit of 25 unique ads on Gumtree each day. Unique means that the ads are substantially different from each other.

Here are some of the things you cannot sell on Gumtree; Lottery Tickets, Sweepstakes Entries and Slot Machines, Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco products (including e-cigarettes) and Pesticides or hazardous materials. Also something to take note of is that you have to be older than 18 years of age to use the services that Gumtree offer.

A quick poll taken with my friends shows that most have used Gumtree and have had a great experience through the process. It is easy to use and navigate through and the images are super quick to upload. They do seem to live up to the words that they promise, that is; to connect buyers and sellers efficiently and easily.

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I am a writer, researcher and social media and content manager. My passion is all things related to children and families as well as ‘green’ and environmental issues, health and nutrition. I also love researching women in business and women entrepreneurs and discovering their stories and secrets to success. My background is design and then homeware buying for retail. I have always loved the written word and felt compelled to change my career to something that was more inline with my life's dream. That is; to share information and inspire and empower others and to help people in being the best that they can be. I live in the beautiful city of Cape Town and love my adventures and never ending challenges of being a wife and mother. I hike in the mountains when I can and use swimming and fitness boxing as a way to stay fit and energized. I read endlessly, preferably with a steaming cup of tea by my side and a warm cat on my lap.

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