Remember that time you were newlyweds and you painted the kitchen cupboards purple together?  Special memories.  For you.  But if your house is on the market and you want it to sell quickly, that stroke of creative genius may well stand in your way. PropertyFox – the customer-focused, smart online property seller – says there are a few quick and inexpensive steps you can take which will help with the sale of your pile of bricks.


According to company co-founder Crispin Inglis, once you’ve decided to sell your house, you won’t want to hang around. “A property languishing on the market for a while is likely to sell for less. So if you invest some time and effort in ‘staging’ your home to meet the majority of tastes, you’ll likely reap the rewards.”


Here are PropertyFox’s top six tips for staging your house for a faster sale:

  • Start by disassociating yourself from the home

It might be hard but it’s essential. Turn your home back into a house by removing yourself from the property emotionally so you can evaluate it properly. Try to imagine yourself as a potential buyer, and walk around the house with objective eyes.  You need to be critical so you can pick up any flaws that buyers are likely to spot. Make a list of everything you know you’re not happy with or need to fix.


  • De-personalise the space

Remember, your biggest objective is to inspire buyers to imagine themselves living in the space. It’s hard for them to do that if your personal photos and belongings are everywhere. Packing up the personal is a cathartic exercise for you as well – it is part of feeling less attached and removing yourself emotionally, plus it gets the packing process started.


  • De-clutter and re-arrange

Nothing is as off-putting as clutter so hoarders have the hard task of boxing up extra items so that a more minimalist aesthetic remains. Something that happens in homes is that rooms take on myriad functions – a study can become a storage space, for example. Part of dressing up the house is to allocate each room a clear purpose. Rearrange and group furniture together in a way that communicates the room’s function, and invites a sensible flow of feet. You want people to be able to move through the space easily. 


  • Fix it up and paint if necessary

Do not underestimate the transformation a new coat of paint can bring. Opting for neutral colours helps buyers picture themselves in the space. Remember, your home also needs to make a good impression in photographs and in real-life, so keep this in mind when choosing paint colours and effects. Also, make sure that all the small niggles and faults are fixed – tighten the door handles, replace chipped tiles and finish any unfinished projects. 


  • Get going with the gardening

Granted, water restrictions are making greenery growing a tricky business these days, but you can still tidy things up by mowing the lawn and planting some water-wise Fynbos. Make sure that people get a favourable impression when they see the house for the first time. Scrub the walls, repaint the front door and get a nice, new welcome mat.


  • Make it pretty

This is quite easy to achieve – especially once the home is de-cluttered, fixed up and de-personalised. Firstly, make sure that everything is spotlessly clean and get rid of any bad odours. You can even go as far as to exploit the cookie cliché – there’s nothing like the smell of baking biscuits to stimulate a sale. It’s often the small touches that make the most impact so arrange vases of fresh flowers around the home, bring in extra pot plants, light scented candles, put fresh towels in the bathroom and scatter cushions in inviting places. Light is your best friend so open all the curtains to make use of natural light and, if it’s overcast, switch on the main lighting and side lamps.

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